Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy New Year

Photosource: Unknown

There are so many things I want to say… so much to tell… so much to share.
If I could perform one miracle, it would be that at this very instant the whole world could feel what I feel:
Blissfully happy, passionately in love and immensely grateful!
I started off 2010 as a bride, an aunt and 14kg lighter than the previous year.
Yes, 2010 has definitely started off as a busy one: try searching for a size 36 Bordeaux pair of shoes for a 10 year old bridesmaid and you’ll be kept busy for quite a while…
But in all of this stress and chaos, I couldn’t be calmer and all the while more anxious!
Some brides wait for the “I do”, some for the cutting of the cake, others for the first dance as a married couple… I’m waiting for that moment when I have two seconds to look around a hall full of the people I most care about, let myself feel completely overwhelmed with love and joy and thank the heavens for making it happen.
No matter how often I try to imagine it… it just doesn’t feel real quite yet.

I’m an aunt!
To the most beautiful little girl ever! That melts my defences when she pulls faces at me and pulls at my heartstrings with each smile. She wrapped herself around my heart the moment she wrapped her little fingers over my pinky and she reminds me how perfect the world can be each time she breathes and sighs before falling asleep.
There’s another little person in the world for me to love.

In 5 days I’ll be anxiously waiting at the airport for a tall man to walk through a pair of sliding doors.
He’ll be looking for me and when he sees me he’s going to smile with all the joy a father can feel upon seeing his daughter.
Three years of distance will magically disappear in one tight embrace.

Oh there are many things I want to say, so many things I want to share… but right now I’m too busy living them.