Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010´s pick up line of the year!


I sat at one of the tables near the piano at a nearby shopping centre and waited for a friend to arrive for coffee.
I was half listening to what was being played whilst the other half of my mind reflected on some of the tasks I had to do that evening… when Mr. Casanova appeared!
Distracted as I was, I didn’t react at first when he sat down – instead I gave him the questioning look that demanded an explanation…
He gave me a huge grin and asked
“Don’t you want to buy me a cup of coffee?”
At first I thought I hadn’t heard right!
“Excuse me??!”
That’s when he leaned back in his chair and widened his grin
“You know, coffee… I think you want to buy me one”
That’s when I got the full picture

My first reaction was irritation – hadn’t the guy noticed my engagement ring?!
But then I couldn’t help smiling… why wouldn’t I?
There was a well-dressed guy in his late twenties putting in the effort to meet a girl – me!
He wasn’t Mr. Universe but he wasn’t bad looking either…
If he hadn’t noticed the engagement ring then experience told me that flashing it wouldn’t make much of a difference…
So armed with my naughty smile, I leaned in closer and waited for him to do the same before telling him in my sweetest voice:
“If you don’t get up and walk away, I’m going to scream so loud so to catch the attention of every person here.”
He didn’t drop his grin – but he did stand up and leave.
As he walked away I retained my smile and silently thought to myself
“Thanks Stranger – you made my day! Here’s hoping some nice woman buys you that cup of coffee”.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Close Call....

Photosource: Unknown
Everyone knows that it only takes a split second to lose control…
And it’s what happened… I lost it.
It was raining, the tar was wet, the tyres were worn, the turn was sharp and I was going much faster than I ought to…
My mother-in-law stressed and my dad went dead silent as the car’s rear slipped to the right… and then to the left… just before I managed to grasp control of it once again.

In those few seconds which could´ve caused a lot of damage to a car that doesn’t belong to me, all I could think about how the outcome was suddenly out of my hands.
No matter how well I tried to control the car, I knew that the quotient of time versus distance versus a couple more factors would determine my fate.

Three cheers to my guardian angel that saved my ass once again from a devastating result and left me only with a few shattered nerves.
For the safety of my family and the prevention of an expense I currently cannot afford, I am truly grateful.

Yes babes, I promise to go slower when the roads are wet.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Made by Bimby...

Picturesource: Sunshine
What can you accomplish with a Bimby, two hours and two cooks?
-Codfish with chickpeas and cornbread
-Fresh bread
-Garlic and Parsley butter
-Cottage cheese pie
-Pumpkin pie

And this is why I love my Bimby!
Because everything comes out right unless the cook fails to follow the recipe… which I didn’t…
Okay, maybe I had a little oopsie on the cottage cheese pie, but it was still edible!

Considering that for the last four months all my Bimby has made is soup, veggies and fish by vapour, I reckon that if she could talk this weekend she’d be screaming:
“yeah baby! take me on!”… and boy did we!
Invited to a birthday brunch, we decided to take something sweet along and while we were at it, we might as well make something extra…
Nothing like making the most of your investment like going on a cooking spree!
(And leaving the sweet stuff at someone else’s house, hehehe)
My better half and I both agreed that experimenting on our Bimby is something we both been missing… (It’s a pity that it comes with an extra 700gr that I was definitely NOT missing!)

But playing with our toy wasn’t the best part.
It wasn’t the fact that we had so few dishes to wash at the end either.
And although the mouth watering aroma’s sneaking out my kitchen were temptingly inviting…

...I’d say the best part was when he passed me eggs and I passed him the spoon and he put on the oven and I passed him the oven mittens…
Although we worked out a gameplan – the real secret to why we were so quick was the teamwork that flew between us. The fact that we didn’t slow each other down or step on each other’s toes and the fact that the other person was there when an extra hand was needed…

I looked at my man this Sunday and thought to myself “Yeaps, I reckon I can spend a lifetime with you”

…As long as we keep the Bimby, hehehe!