Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friends VS Acquaintances

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Fact of life:
Sooner or later people disappoint you.
That means news for those who say:
"I´ve never been disapointed by so-and-so"
YET... because you will be.
Human being are just too imperfect not to botch up sooner or later...
This isn´t the first post where I state my opinion:
Not all fuck ups are intentional and so...
Take in regard the intention at hand and forgive as you would like to be forgiven (tomorrow you might be the one stuffing up).

One of the most important lessons I learned in life is:
People only have the importance that which you give them.
It´s not easy getting to know people.
And so it takes a while to discover the imposters that call themselves your friends.
These are the people you are acquainted with that simply don´t deserve your attention.
After 18, you discover that life is short and time is scarce so you might as well save it to spend with the people that really matter and not waste time with those that don´t.

This doesn´t mean however that you don´t retain your acquaintances (at least those you can´t get rid of - others are just friends who can never be trusted again but who you don´t want to break complete ties with).
You greet them and catch up with them only when your paths cross.

Not to long ago, a bunch of us got stood up by one of our friends that didn´t bother to show up for a gathering that he himself had proposed.
No message, no answering his phone, no callback - in fact no one´s heard from him for over three weeks... we know he´s alive and well though.
What strikes me as interesting, is that of the six people that awaited him: no one was particularly suprised with his absence.
"It´s just one of those things that he does..."
I asked myself if the reason the six friends felt this way is because he´s so good of a friend that this kind of lack of consideration is considered a misdemeanor or if this kind of behaviour is ignored simply because he has already been classified as no more than an acquaintance and therefore his actions have little importance?
Nobody was particularly worried and the gathering simply continued as if the reason we were all there was a gathering of friends and his arrival wasn´t al all expected.
My heart went out to the one person that I know was truly disappointed - even though he wasn´t surprised.
One of these days we´ll hear again from that so called friend, greet him, catch up with what´s been happening and move on...
Maybe someone will mention the gathering he missed... maybe they won´t... all I know is that I won´t bother...
He simply doesn´t hold the importance I consider my friends to have.

Time and distance doesn´t always allow the contact you desire with your friends, however these aren´t the causes for friendship losses. To maintain a true friendship you merely need to treat your friends as you would like to be treated: with sincerity and respect.

Recipe for a Bitch

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I recently recieved a brilliant sms:
"You haven´t learned how to swear until you´ve started driving"
I immediately recalled one of my early driving lessons where I was already telling some guy off for not using his flicker.
My instructor calmly looked at me and said, "you´re gonna be one of those..."
Roadrage baby!
And I don´t even have my licence yet (In progress... will violently shake the first moron who asks me how that´s going)That subject is a whole other theme... the kind i´ll write about sometime later this year (hopefully).

My second thought upon reading this sms was:
If you want to bring out the bitch in a woman there´s a better solution than putting her behind the wheel: put her on a diet!
Have you ever crossed a woman on chocolate withdrawel?
She´ll politely refuse a piece of chocolate that you offered with a smile and then crucify the next poor soul that tries to talk to her.
Once she´s done resorting to violence, she´ll submit to that pastry that somehow got in her desk drawer and after a brief amout of satisfaction... she´ll cry her heart out of guilt.
Determination - Violence - Depression.
A diet is the making of a psychopath!

For guys losing a couple of kilos is easy: they simply cut down on the junkfood.
Any woman will describe her battle with the scale as a continious war that garantees casualties.
It involves depravation, temptation and defeat... psychologically exhausting for she who diets... and they who put up with her.

Soon I´ll be finished with a weight loss program that so far has been working for me at a huge expensive and a hell of a lot of effort and self-control.
During the treatment my biggest aid is a magical pill that heeds the hunger at bay...
It´s so much easier to avoid temptation when you´re not hungry!
Howerver, when the treatment ends I´ll have the challenge of maintaining my weight on my own...
So to those who see me on road in October: Either follow the traffic code of conduct or stay the hell out of my way!