Friday, June 08, 2007

Precious Illusions

Photosource: Unknown

Recently I had a conversation with my boyfriend in which I found out that a mutual friend of ours had the opinion that our relationship wouldn’t last.
The opinion in itself didn't bother me, after all, we’re all entitled to our own opinion and only time proves us right or wrong.
What did bother me, were his motives.
“She’s just not Barbie enough”
Considering some of the life decisions he makes, the comment shouldn’t surprise me, but it saddens me that someone who wants to be loved, can be so superficial.
If all a person is, is their body I imagine that the satisfaction doesn’t go beyond the orgasm and public envy.
That some people can’t scratch beyond the surface.
They go through all the books with the pretty dustcovers, some barely reading them while the people around them find brilliant stories in the simple covers. Then they can’t understand why in the same library they can't find good stories themselves.
That a woman is so much more than her measurements... but you’ll only know if you bother to find out, it takes getting to know a person.

Beauty doesn't guarantee a sense of humour, creativeness, intelligence…
Beauty doesn’t guarantee joy, laughter and good discussions…
Beauty doesn’t guarantee sensuality, erotic intensity and desire…
Beauty doesn’t guarantee tenderness, thoughtfulness and comprehension…
Beauty doesn’t guarantee Love.

I know of the reasons my man stays by my side and I’m grateful our friend doesn’t understand them, it would only be one more reason for him to feel regret.
What does he see that you don't? Its best you don't know.

I find that people talk more of the person they’d like to be than of the person they really are and that potential doesn’t weigh much on the scales of today and now.
Keep trusting your eyes instead of your heart in the desert and you may never find the oasis you’re looking for.

You’re sorry and I’m sorry.