Friday, March 27, 2009

My Friends

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"A real friend isn´t the one that bails you out of trouble... a true friend is the one sitting next to you in the jail cell saying "Man that was crazy!""

I´ve often heard the phrase “the more I know people, the more I love my dogs” and thought to myself that people that thought that way were hermits.
So people screw up – sooner or later everbody disappoints, that isn´t enough reason to give up on them.
Everybody deserves redemption
Everybody deserves a second chance, sometimes more than once.
After all… we´re just human.

And yet… despite my optimistic viewpoint, after a quarter century´s experience, I find myself also repeating “the more I know people, the more I love my dog”
It´s not that I changed my mind or opinion but as someone close to me says:
“You can´t forgive someone that feels no remorse”
I discovered that as time passes, most people that screw you over feel no regret.
In this day and age, I find that most people justify their actions with “survival of the fittest” which in turn justifies “I had no other choice”.
You always have a choice, it´s in the way you do things that marks the difference.
I have no doubt that these days people are more selfish.
Even I am more selfish – because I find that sacrifice or an act of kindness is no longer apreciated by the society I live in – as if I were obliged to serve others´ purposes.

I´ve come to realise that my true friends are in fact scarce, the ones that hold no expectations against you nor condition you to any demands. I find that they´re mostly the least close to perfect people, but also the ones that make the greatest effort to be. And even though they screw up over and over again, I find it so easy to forgive them because they´re always truly sorry, because their intentions don´t lie in hurting you.
I cherish my friends, even those that I rarely hear from… they´re the ones I know time will never take away.

There are friendships I´d set my life on the line for… for people that I know would do the same for me. And there are those… I simply couldn´t bother.
Because friendship Works both ways, because i´ve given up on investing the effort on those that only seek convenience.
You can´t ask for what you´re not prepared to give.
I´ll gladly take the first step but I refuse to dance alone.

Even though they say that all you need is one true friend to be happy, I´m grateful for being able to lose count of those I posess…
I´m grateful for every friend that I can count on.
As for the imitations – sooner or later they fade and get thrown out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I watched this movie and it got me thinking…

Picturesource: Unknown

As human beings, we are born to fulfill a cycle.

We learn to sit up and then to crawl.

To walk and talk and run.

We learn to tell the difference between right and wrong.

We learn to lie…

And that there are consequences to the decisions we make.

We learn to love… to yearn it… and to get our hearts broken.

Eventually we pick ourselves up and move on.

We study, we chase after our carreers and dreams… and then wonder if what we achieved makes us happy.

We doubt, we learn to fear… feel scared that we´re not good enough.

We find confidence, taste the sweet taste of victory… and the bitterness of loss.

We lose people we love, we meet strangers that change our lives

We meet the person we want to spend of our lives with.

We date, get married, have children and we watch them have children of their own.

At the end of it all, we all conclude that the biggest challenge any of us have is to discover who we really are and to be true to ourselves.

Phases… sometimes, if you miss one – the oportunity comes around again.

Others, you simply know in your heart that the last chance passed you by.

Not all people live their life according to the human being´s cycle – not all of us get to live the life we wanted for ourselves.

They say it´s never too late to go back on the things we left behind… if only that were true, unfortunetely – somethings can´t be undone or repeated.

Somethings can only be lived at their right moment.

I have no doubt in my mind that i´m going to go to varsity and get my degree in what I love to do.

Right now, I don´t know whether it´ll be this year, next year or after 2011.

The decision depends on what happens in the next few days.

We can´t control the people and events that affect our lives nor foresee tomorrows successes or failures by the decisions we make today.

Some moments we simply let go of, because we can´t live them on our own.

We give up our dreams investing in what we believe is more important and will make us happier, most importantly – to make someone we love happy.

These are the dreams that haunt us at 2:30am on a Sunday morning.

Even when you let go – they´re a part of you forever.

May the universe give us all another chance at conquering our dreams… and if it doesn´t, May we live at peace with ourselves knowing that we did our best.

"The curious case of Benjamin Button" - That´s the movie that got me thinking, I leave you with the part that inspired this post:

"It´s never too late... or, in my case, too early, to be whoever you want to be... There´s no time limit, start anytime you want... change or stay the same... there aren´t any rules... we can make the best or worst of it... I hope you make the best... I hope you see things that startle you. Feel things you´ve never felt before. I hope you meet people that have a different point of view. I hope you challenge yourself. I hope you stumble, and pick yourself up. I hope you live the life you wanted to... and if you haven´t, I hope you start all over again."