Friday, February 24, 2006

The Politician

Not only is it his profession; he owns up to every connotation associated with the man himself.
Powerful, demanding and charming;
People are instantly attracted to his energy,
Women swoon under his gaze
And all are eager to cater to his ever wish
…All but her… there’s no impressing her.

Intelligent but naïve,
Fragile as glass, tough as a diamond;
She’s so incredibly raw even though he can’t seem to scratch beyond the surface.
Drawn by the softness of her soul, challenged by the strength of her spirit;
He wants her…
She allows him only close enough to taste the bitter and the sweet…
He has to have her.

A weekend in Paris.

Warm croissants and hot chocolate in the morning
A walk between the cafés and the view from the Eiffel Tower
Would there be time for a visit to the Louvre?…
Though the art concentrated on would be inspiring the desire without publicly revealing pleasure’s intention…
As of the capital city of romance isn’t enough, the language alone will captivate even those that don’t understand a word of what is said.

Paris must be breathtaking
And at night it ought to leave one breathless;
For passion and intimacy conspire with the stars and the moon
With lovers blind to the world, feeling their way into discovery
Breaking barriers and pulling each other over the edge
No Limits
No Expectations – Just Great Sex.

Is that what he wants? Of course it is – it’s what they all do.
She smiled as she considered his offer of adventure – the kind she dreams up on quiet hours of the night when the rest of the world is asleep.
She barely knows him – she knows enough.
To give him what he wants is easy enough…
He demands intensity and seeks to be dominated
She has the power and he senses it.
To bring him to his knees in the name of pleasure,
To override his every thought, word and action in purpose of pleasing her…
No Restrictions
No Taboo’s…
And in the morning he would worship her for being his Goddess.

No Promises,
No Commitment…
He is a bird; free to fly where and whenever he pleases. Knowing no imprisonment and only returning to his mistress when no on else can satiate his desires…

Silly Creature…
He doesn’t know that what he seeks is the very thing he flees from.
The perch he so longingly wants to rest upon is found in an open cage.

A woman doesn’t require bondage or authority to dominate her man – dominance is achieved when she conquers his heart, when it’s hers alone.
He becomes hers when she becomes his; a dependency on each other’s natural essence.
One only becomes a slave to another once the intention reaches the heart.

“Leave him” – “No”
“Be Mine” – “I belong to no one”
“You’re too demanding!” – “Because I’m worth it”
“Unconquerable” – “You have been warned”

A politician recognises the potential found in the depth of green eyes and longs to possess what he cannot have.
Watching from a distance, she fears for his heart.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Clear Illusions

Have you ever stared at an object for so long that the image began to distort before your very eyes?
You blink.
But no sooner has the image cleared before it begins distorting once again.
Eventually there is no solution other than to close your eyes and open them once again to see clearly the object you were looking at.
Sometimes you might find that after opening your eyes you see the object clearer than when you first looked at it.
You might notice details that you hadn’t taken note of before or you may even look at it from a different angle or perspective.

Sometimes, when you open your eyes you find that what you thought you were looking at is really something completely different.

I find that people are the same.
We often forget the first impression we have of people due to the fact that we spend too much time seeking to define them.
Sometimes we see the person we first met when we stop to blink, but our expectations drive us back to the image we created of them.
Then suddenly one day – we open our eyes and we see people exactly for who they are.

One of the great lessons my father taught me was sooner or later each person you know will disappoint you.
Some may disappoint more than others – some more often than others, at times with more or less intensity.
The secret is in weighing the intention behind the offence.
If you accept that the human being was born to make mistakes and learn from them then forgiveness becomes easier to do and hurt weighs less.
Our egos are responsible for taking things so personally, you will find that most of the pain suffered wasn’t intended as injury, granting pardon to almost every offence.
Actions speak louder than words but intentions weigh heavier!

To forgive or not to forgive? – It all depends on the intention.

Intention is what leads us to act and react – or not! And to know and understand another’s intentions you have to ask!
I believe that the vast amount of the world’s problems would be solved if people just spoke and listened to one another. How else will you comprehend a person if you do not know the motives which leads that person to behave the way they do?!
Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups!
And the awful truth is that when we don’t have all the answers we tend to fill in the blanks with the worst-case scenario conclusions.

Once seeing the other person for who they really are we are left with two choices – either we relate to them or we don’t. Either we want to include them in our lives or we choose to make them merely part of a silent audience that changes with the surroundings.
Respect and accept people for who they are – allow them to choose and mould their identity just as you desire the freedom to choose your own.
We can’t all be friends, but we can all get along.

Sometimes we discover that the rocks we were staring at are diamonds in the rough, other times we discover that the puddle of mud we stepped into is really a big pool of S%#T! These are the illusions we tend to remember more.
The heart breaks and loses hope when it realises that the oasis it was looking at was no more than a desert’s mirage…

Keep the faith – the journey only ends with death and even that is a beginning. Until then, there is still so much to see along the way. Staring will never mould an image into the desired illusion… Instead take a look around you, somewhere is the real thing your heart seeks.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Thank-you for finding me
For patiently waiting for me to open up…
Thank-you for understanding
For not asking questions, for not demanding answers…
Thank-you for not criticising, for not passing judgement
For allowing me to vent my frustrations even though I made little or no sense…
Thank-you for rubbing the anger and fury that had made my arms tremble
For pulling me close and holding me tight…
Thank-you for trusting me
For being by my side, even though it was late and I didn’t deserve it…
Thank-you for the smile that chased away the hurt
For the soft kiss goodnight that made everything alright.

Thank-you for your patience,
For being my Valentine’s hero.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Full Moon Magic

His words haunt me still...
Or was it his eyes…
Or was it his expression of both control and surrender that made me feel small and scared?
There wasn’t a trace of bullshit in the things he told me.
No secondary intentions.
Just sincerity.
Unexpected, but greatly desired – Magic!
The kind I hadn’t felt since time knows when…
He touched me in places I’d forgotten existed…
With tenderness I could only wish for…
In desires I’d given up on…
No pressure.
No rules.
My way… his way.
Wherever the moment took us.
Further than I’d planned…
Not as far as I desired…
It was all there… too much and too little.
We trembled to the touch.

I want to rescue him… show me how!
I’m every person’s hero but my own…
I’m fighting the urge not to run
Begging for the spell of a full moon
Surrounded by the stillness and cool whispers of a magical night
Warm massages upon a cold rock
Wasn’t that where our friendship ended?
I need to stay, I want to stay…
When will the running stop?
Could I ask you to make me stay? Will you stay?

There are dreams that never come true…
There are those that we pick up along the way…
And there are moments that we never want to end.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sharing My Umbrella

When you’re called for an interview that you weren’t expecting.
At first you register with annoyance that you only have one day to prepare for the event that requires you to be at your best.
Deciding that you have nothing to wear, you realise that getting everything ready will require a tight schedule…

When you can’t find anything that suits the purpose. Either clothes are the wrong size; the wrong colour or they simply aren’t suitable for the intended.
Those that fit appropriately are neither your style nor clothes which you fit comfortably in and in ally with the dressing room mirrors, they slowly challenge you into believing that you’re getting fat, old and looking shabby.

When there’s nothing left to try on and nothing worth buying, the shop where you’d seen something moderately suitable already closed and there is no further opportunity to remedy the situation.


That’s how I found my cousin by the time I got home and it didn’t take much to realise that the situation called for an immediate emergency plan.

CLOTHES – Find something in solid colours, something that you’re comfortable in and when all else fails, dig out the life-saving black pants or skirt (every woman has them!) – they go with everything!

SHOES – Classic and comfortable, need I say more?

JEWELLERY – Don’t wear too much, but wear something that shows you have pride in your appearance. A necklace did the trick!

MAKE-UP – Keep it simple and light.

As I dried, stretched and styled my cousin’s hair, I was reminded of all the reasons I’d wanted a sister. At first I thought that the desire originated somewhere in the desire to play with dolls, playing with hair and make-up. But it was while I painted her nails at 2am that it dawned on me that the profound warmth in my heart came from doing something good for someone I care about.

I live in a city and generation where survival depends on bartering. Nothing is free and every gesture is accounted in debt deposits paid for with “favours”. Even at Christmas, people have forgotten that the joy is found in giving rather than receiving and suddenly a motive is required for any good deed.

It saddens me that we have become so petty to need a reason to be nice and I feel ashamed in having to camouflage a good deed for what it is in order to protect my generosity from being abused. In a world where there are so many looking to take advantage, we are often forced to hide our heart’s generosity.

I nonetheless was rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing my cousin beautiful and most importantly – confident! I was reminded of my mission in life and my reason for living: We have so much impact in other people’s lives that we’re willing to assume, we hold the key in making a difference to someone’s happiness. Considering the joy that I was rewarded with, I only pray for more opportunities to be a part of people’s smiles.