Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gotta have Faith

Picture Source: Jessice Galbreth
I believe:
In the improbable; In taking risks; in myself.
I don´t always get what I want
Things don´t always turn out the way i´d hoped
And yet I still believe.

If reality is what I perceive it to be then why shouldn´t I aim high?
In my opinion, i´d rather fail at something I tried doing and believed in than fail at something I expected to fail at – double disappointment!
Sure it´s hard losing grip of something you set your heart on but that´s just part of life – you can´t win them all.
And even so… I believe that all losses have their gains.
That things happen for a reason and that if you believe then all happens for the best.

Blind Optimism?
Not really…
I consider myself to be a blunt realist with a good dose of faith.

I believe that you´re a master of your own destiny but a victim of fate.
This means that you can´t always avoid what life has in store for you but that you get to choose with which attitude you choose to face it.
I believe that you get what you give.
And that if you´re a good person, good things will happen for you even if they don´t happen straight away.
If the universe is no more than energy, than the more you believe, the more it will work for you and become your perception: your reality.

Through years i´ve heard this be called a number of different things:
-self confidence
-the power of the mind
I call it faith. Faith in yourself and in the people around you.

“Take care when dealing with your heart. Take even greater care when dealing with other people´s hearts”

Disappointment VS Disillussionment
It´s the difference between:
“I believe that I have the capacity and deserve that Job” VS
“I will get that Job”

Faith is belief without expectation.

At times it scares me to motivate people,
Not due to dificulty in believing in them:
I believe in people´s potential.
But because not everyone easily accepts and understands the blessing of not getting what they want.
Shortly put:
I don´t want to be the catalyst of anyone´s disappointment.

Yet… I believe.
That people should believe in themselves and what they´re capable of regardless of the outcome…
That people should believe in their ability to make a difference…
And that people shouldn´t fear being disappointed.
As I told a good friend of mine recently: To fear taking risks is to fear being happy. Someday you get is right…
That is… if you believe.


Luis Sardinha said...

I wish to be like you but I'm very realistic and critic with my self. Being like this makes difficult to think like you.

But thank you for your words, they give confidence and hope

Sunshine said...

Luis Sardinha: They were meant for you.
You inspired this post that I wrote in the train this morning...
I don´t need you to believe like me, I just want you to believe enough in yourself.
Whatever the outcome... I´m already proud of you!

Merchi said...

... we must never forget that we have to keep up the faith ... in us and in those around us.

Soph!a ღ said... costumo confiar nas pessoas...costumo pensar que ainda há pessoas de confiança...

Neste momento,voltei a confiar numa pessoa que me tinha magoado mto...e, esta nova tentativa, esta relação, está a me fazer bem...está a me fazer feliz!