Friday, March 27, 2009

My Friends

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"A real friend isn´t the one that bails you out of trouble... a true friend is the one sitting next to you in the jail cell saying "Man that was crazy!""

I´ve often heard the phrase “the more I know people, the more I love my dogs” and thought to myself that people that thought that way were hermits.
So people screw up – sooner or later everbody disappoints, that isn´t enough reason to give up on them.
Everybody deserves redemption
Everybody deserves a second chance, sometimes more than once.
After all… we´re just human.

And yet… despite my optimistic viewpoint, after a quarter century´s experience, I find myself also repeating “the more I know people, the more I love my dog”
It´s not that I changed my mind or opinion but as someone close to me says:
“You can´t forgive someone that feels no remorse”
I discovered that as time passes, most people that screw you over feel no regret.
In this day and age, I find that most people justify their actions with “survival of the fittest” which in turn justifies “I had no other choice”.
You always have a choice, it´s in the way you do things that marks the difference.
I have no doubt that these days people are more selfish.
Even I am more selfish – because I find that sacrifice or an act of kindness is no longer apreciated by the society I live in – as if I were obliged to serve others´ purposes.

I´ve come to realise that my true friends are in fact scarce, the ones that hold no expectations against you nor condition you to any demands. I find that they´re mostly the least close to perfect people, but also the ones that make the greatest effort to be. And even though they screw up over and over again, I find it so easy to forgive them because they´re always truly sorry, because their intentions don´t lie in hurting you.
I cherish my friends, even those that I rarely hear from… they´re the ones I know time will never take away.

There are friendships I´d set my life on the line for… for people that I know would do the same for me. And there are those… I simply couldn´t bother.
Because friendship Works both ways, because i´ve given up on investing the effort on those that only seek convenience.
You can´t ask for what you´re not prepared to give.
I´ll gladly take the first step but I refuse to dance alone.

Even though they say that all you need is one true friend to be happy, I´m grateful for being able to lose count of those I posess…
I´m grateful for every friend that I can count on.
As for the imitations – sooner or later they fade and get thrown out.


Jaqueline said...

Miss you baby!!!

Klatuu o embuçado said...

Já estás casada e com filhos? :)=