Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Bold and the Valiant

Photo Source: Unknown
Often people have the misconception that the brave are out there fighting their way through and standing up for what they believe in.
It seems that to be a warrior, one must be seen always with their sword in their hand.
Let they never be caught off guard!

What bollocks!
Courage isn’t always about the fight!
Courage is what it takes to try and make things work without having to fight.
The hero isn’t the guy that went off defending his virtues… to me the hero is the guy used diplomacy and patience to avoid the conflict.
Just because I know what I want doesn’t mean that I don’t seek out opinions.
It is not a sign of weakness when you let other people have their way.
It’s called patience, tolerance and often an intelligent tactic of someone who lets the little things slide so as to have more power to the larger issues.
Why do we assume that champions always know what they want and where they’re going?
Better to patiently wait for the fog to pass before choosing the road you want to follow than to blindly go the wrong way.
Courage is not the absence of fear.
Fear is a sign of the maturity one has when considering the consequences of his or her decisions and the responsibility one will have to take.
Courage is what makes us decide despite the doubts and hesitation.
Sometimes giving up is the biggest proof of courage there is – the hardest lesson I ever learnt in life was knowing when to let go.

I’ve been called the rock of Gibraltar… a woman with fibre… the tough nut to crack.
But I’m human.
I have a right to my frustrations and moments of weakness.
They don’t mean I’ve become weaker – I’m stronger because of them.
Don’t for a minute underestimate my survival instincts.
Just because I’m not always in the driver’s seat doesn’t mean I’m not in control.

The size of a person’s mind and courage once broadened never returns to the original size… don’t make the mistake of underestimating a person’s courage and character just because they don’t react they way you expect them to.


Phil said...

Being underestimated has to be one of the most raging things on Earth. Nothing gets me more pissed than being labeled into the wrong corner. I guess that indeed all that matters is how you see yourself, but it would be quite fun if people figured you out a little better for a change! You and I aren't that different, C (apart from the fact that my blog will never be pink!). We both write because we DESERVE to be heard and we want to be appreciated for it. Someday we might get just that. Keep the brain cells pumping and that ink pouring. All the best lil' miss sunshine ;)

made in ♥ love said...

A great human for sure...

Um beijinho
Be in ♥ love

Sunshine said...

Phil: Thanks for the encouragement! Nothing feels better than being understood and backed up by a friend! Unfortunetely we get pigeon-holed in the wrong label often - but my experience tells me that the people that care about you, take time to figure you out or at least make the effort. =) Big Hugz

Made in love: Seja bem vinda, já andei a cuscar o teu blog e adorei a tua imaginação e o teu trabalho! Já está linkado ao meu. =)