Friday, February 05, 2010

Close Call....

Photosource: Unknown
Everyone knows that it only takes a split second to lose control…
And it’s what happened… I lost it.
It was raining, the tar was wet, the tyres were worn, the turn was sharp and I was going much faster than I ought to…
My mother-in-law stressed and my dad went dead silent as the car’s rear slipped to the right… and then to the left… just before I managed to grasp control of it once again.

In those few seconds which could´ve caused a lot of damage to a car that doesn’t belong to me, all I could think about how the outcome was suddenly out of my hands.
No matter how well I tried to control the car, I knew that the quotient of time versus distance versus a couple more factors would determine my fate.

Three cheers to my guardian angel that saved my ass once again from a devastating result and left me only with a few shattered nerves.
For the safety of my family and the prevention of an expense I currently cannot afford, I am truly grateful.

Yes babes, I promise to go slower when the roads are wet.


Anonymous said...

hey hey

thank you so much for all your positive comments on my blog , they sure put a smile on my face ^_^ thank you !

nflopes said...

"god speed"