Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Journey

“Where do you think that will lead you?”

Does it matter? Does crossing the finish line really matter in life’s long marathon? When is all said and done do any of us really cherish first places and gold medals for more than a moment? The destination only becomes significant once you’ve worked towards a goal. If you’ve constructed an objective isn’t it the construction itself that makes the result worthwhile?
If so… then what’s the rush?
If the objective of everything that is born is to die then isn’t it the in-between the holds the true pure pleasure of living? No matter how beautiful a rose is, it will get thrown away once it dies and the appreciation it once held dies with it. Isn’t it’s worth in it’s blossoming?

The root of an impulsive nature is not always recklessness. He who finds the courage to live… truly live… makes the most of his existence. To accomplish this, one must learn to have faith. To have faith is to believe in oneself and one’s existence, to overstep the limits and respect oneself and one’s surroundings.

Everyday I see people running, hurrying, rushing to places where they really don’t want to be. Looking at your watch every half-minute will not make traffic go any faster, nor will swearing or pleading with traffic light. We worry too much about the things we cannot control. We stress to the point of losing the freedom of relaxation. And so we gym, jog and yoga: we rely on books, television and the radio to distract us and forget how to find pleasure in the small things we do daily.

The human being craves evolution but has lost the notion of how it is that he was do evolve. When did time lose its value, and things determined how happy you are? Have we been forbidden to enjoy the effort we make to accomplish our goals? Or have our goals become so meaningless that the journey has lost its worth?

All I ever wanted was to travel, to meet new people and see new places. My impatience fed my impulsiveness but time, experience and maturity taught me to enjoy the ride. Worrying and stressing will not take you to your destination any faster. Whatever your mode of transportation, learn to make the most of the ride. Nobody gets on a roller coaster just to reach the end. Your soul can only be enriched if you take the time to look around you add feel the wind in your hair, the breeze on your face or the warmth of the sun on your skin. Many of the answers we search for in life are right under our noses when were too busy looking everywhere else.
Life is about living today, appreciating the small things in life and in short: making the most of the journey.

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