Monday, October 04, 2004


When the world is too quiet, or when the world is too noisy is when you can hear the whispers. With the sound of your voice but in a language you can’t quite understand, they speak to you when you have nothing to say.

All day long people talk to me. They tell me about their lives, their dreams and their problems. My place would be to listen; to empathise; to comprehend and perhaps advise them or offer solutions when possible. But since the voices started, I can’t hear the sound of anybody else’s voice but my own. I can see their lips moving but I can’t seem to grasp anything that’s coming from their mouths. I manage to escape with a couple of programmed answers and limit myself to only respond when spoken to.

The sound of my voice is louder than any of the whispers; it is a stranger to me.
Now that I need most to listen it, it has nothing to say to me.
And then the whispers speak to me. They recall memories and fill my thoughts with ideas of nothing and everything important. They seem to make perfect sense but nothing they tell me can be put into words.
Is the stress I’m under finally driving me to insanity? Perhaps I’ve stopped while the world is still spinning, or I’m the one spinning too fast whilst the world remains in slow motion…
Confusing but comforting, the only thing the whispers guarantee me is that this too will pass… And at a time when I can no longer grasp at anything concrete, step one is learning once again how to breathe.

Am I listening? Maybe Not…
Are you listening? Perhaps I too have something important to tell you.
When my mind has wondered and my thoughts are in space, words lose their effect.
If I there’s reply and your words are beyond my reach,
Whisper in my ear.

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