Friday, August 19, 2005

Steady The Pace

“Why have you given up on him? Why?!!”

She smiled, not only to her interrogator but to herself.

“Who says I’ve given up?
Just because I’m not facing him, doesn’t mean that it’s not his face that I see.
Just because I don’t speak of him, doesn’t mean that he’s not on my mind.
And if I call him my friend, it’s because I’m sure of what we’ve got…
I haven’t forgotten the stronger feelings, but I’m hoping to build on them rather than take them for granted.”

Love isn’t a feeling you fight for… you feed it, you nurture it and you encourage it…
But you can’t create or fabricate it as much as you can buy it in a store.
No one knows where it comes from or how it gets its start… it simply exists.
The challenge is in building upon and around it.

“But how will he know that you’re still interested?”

She continued to smile, answering the same why she answered her own doubts:

“He can ask! Or he can look into my heart through my eyes…
The heart cannot find love where it does not exist, nor hide it where it does.”

What we see, mainly depends on what we look for – Sir John Lubbock

“And if he doesn’t find it?”

A sad look came upon her face, as she repeated her heart’s resolution:

“Then it wasn’t love he was looking for…
We’ll remain friends…
And things will be as they should be…”

In a world where so few hold on to the finish line, it’s easy to imagine that the other person has given up. Have they really? Or are they merely catching their breath before continuing? Have you considered that the time they rest may just be the time they need to make it to the end? Or perhaps… they’re waiting for you to catch up.

Men are more accountable for their intentions then their actions or words, so before you jump to another conclusion… ask a person what they mean and what it is that drives them to make their decisions, choose their words, actions and attitudes.

“...He once asked me if I’d still feel this courageous if suggestions became a reality…
I won’t run from the opportunity to touch his heart…
Nor will I stay if I find it empty…
Time will tell our fate.
Therefore there is no rush, no need for forced words or emotions…
Whatever compliments these feelings will develop as naturally as they did.”

And for those of you reluctant to try consider the following:
Things never go so well that one should have no fear,
Nor never so bad that one should have no hope.


Laura said...

Claro como agua priminha!!! Tens o dom de dizer tudo sem ter de dizer nada:) Uma constelaçao de jinhos pa ti

Chronis said...

Dou you prefer being happy by side of who you love or by side of who loves you?
Who makes you happy?
Who you love or who loves you?
And, if one day, who loves you ask you:
- What tastes Love?
And if you answer:
- It tastes like you, but sweeter!
Is this the answer that you need to know how, where, and with who you are happy?

Am I closer to the answers that I need?
Am I closer to recovering the breath, counting up to 10 and to restart believing?
YES, I think I am! :)
I haven’t given up!

Laura said...

O teu lado doce pisciano aliado ao teu lado corajoso ariano faz com que tantas vezes te apliques a travar as batalhas dos outros, com os outros, e as vezes pelos outros...Desejo que um dia a tua vida se cruze com a de alguem que seja tambem capaz desta atitude por ti...

Little A said...


Elvio said...

Never give up, for a person is nothing without hope, slowing down things only means that you have patience, and that you know were you stand in any situation, its good to make these choices. ive done that same, all i can do now is wait, wait for that great day when my heart opens up to the one i trully love.

Patience is all we need, good things come to those who wait.