Friday, February 24, 2006

The Politician

Not only is it his profession; he owns up to every connotation associated with the man himself.
Powerful, demanding and charming;
People are instantly attracted to his energy,
Women swoon under his gaze
And all are eager to cater to his ever wish
…All but her… there’s no impressing her.

Intelligent but naïve,
Fragile as glass, tough as a diamond;
She’s so incredibly raw even though he can’t seem to scratch beyond the surface.
Drawn by the softness of her soul, challenged by the strength of her spirit;
He wants her…
She allows him only close enough to taste the bitter and the sweet…
He has to have her.

A weekend in Paris.

Warm croissants and hot chocolate in the morning
A walk between the cafés and the view from the Eiffel Tower
Would there be time for a visit to the Louvre?…
Though the art concentrated on would be inspiring the desire without publicly revealing pleasure’s intention…
As of the capital city of romance isn’t enough, the language alone will captivate even those that don’t understand a word of what is said.

Paris must be breathtaking
And at night it ought to leave one breathless;
For passion and intimacy conspire with the stars and the moon
With lovers blind to the world, feeling their way into discovery
Breaking barriers and pulling each other over the edge
No Limits
No Expectations – Just Great Sex.

Is that what he wants? Of course it is – it’s what they all do.
She smiled as she considered his offer of adventure – the kind she dreams up on quiet hours of the night when the rest of the world is asleep.
She barely knows him – she knows enough.
To give him what he wants is easy enough…
He demands intensity and seeks to be dominated
She has the power and he senses it.
To bring him to his knees in the name of pleasure,
To override his every thought, word and action in purpose of pleasing her…
No Restrictions
No Taboo’s…
And in the morning he would worship her for being his Goddess.

No Promises,
No Commitment…
He is a bird; free to fly where and whenever he pleases. Knowing no imprisonment and only returning to his mistress when no on else can satiate his desires…

Silly Creature…
He doesn’t know that what he seeks is the very thing he flees from.
The perch he so longingly wants to rest upon is found in an open cage.

A woman doesn’t require bondage or authority to dominate her man – dominance is achieved when she conquers his heart, when it’s hers alone.
He becomes hers when she becomes his; a dependency on each other’s natural essence.
One only becomes a slave to another once the intention reaches the heart.

“Leave him” – “No”
“Be Mine” – “I belong to no one”
“You’re too demanding!” – “Because I’m worth it”
“Unconquerable” – “You have been warned”

A politician recognises the potential found in the depth of green eyes and longs to possess what he cannot have.
Watching from a distance, she fears for his heart.


mixtu said...

...the heart...

mixtu said...

she fears for his heart.

IceVsFire said...

O Politico: Essa classe tao enigmatica....manipuladores de multidoes...mestres da ilusão mas também lideres natos e mentores do povo...acredito k essa classe apresenta-se como uma especie de derradeira luta entre o bem e o um lado "os Karl Marx" que acreditam k tudo pode ser melhor , k tenta trazer para a realidade as nossas esperanças e sonhos lado oposto "os Adolph Hitler" k apenas nos dão o k keremos até ele propio ter o k ker ...eles dizem o k keremos ouvir e faz-nos pensar k somos a pessoa k aspiramos ser ..kuando não passa tudo de uma ilusao temporaria.....é claro a sempre os politios neutros...k apenas se enganam a si propios e cuja a sua existencia e tao futil como as suas propias demandas....Acautelat Sunshine pois tanto podes ter em maos o teu sonho tornado realizado como o propio inferno na terra ..

storm said...

Does the guy know what he´s in for?!
You really need to write an autobiography!