Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kind Appeal

Photo Source: Unknown

There are days on which I feel like slapping you silly; times on which I'd love to punch your daylights out, and moments that I'd give anything to knock some sense into you!
What is it?!
What is your exact problem?
Why do you look everywhere else but at my face when you're talking to me?
I hate this feeling like we're walking around eggshells around each other.
What are you expecting me to say?
What are you avoiding?!
What is there to be afraid of?!
How long will we keep avoiding each other?

I'm a dancer not a fighter.
If you take a step towards me, I’ll take another step towards you.
But if you're waiting for something more…
Don't bother…
I only take the initiative; a second attempt would be insisting…
I don't and I won't.
Nobody likes a nag now do they?

Let's avoid the earths natural gravitational pull…
You go your way and I'll go mine and occasionally we'll touch base.
I don't feel guilty about stepping over life’s signs for the simple reason that it takes two to Tango; if that were case, I would've already dived in and take my chances with the sharks…
Play it however you want, the ball is on your court in any case…
Don't do me any favours, I don't need them and we already discussed the fact that you don't like demands or being told what to do… so consider this a reasonable request:
On the times that our paths cross and there something to be said:
Look at me while I'm talking to you.

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Storm said...

They say theres a fine line between love and hate and I say your balancing on it.