Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunshine´s Six

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Sunshine has been put to the challenge and those who know me; know all too well that I've never been one to back down from one… And the challenge is:
6 words that describe the author of this column… me.
As my challenger himself had said… it's not an easy task, for who could sum up a person or a lifetime in only 6 words? For someone who lives for the mere experience of living… this definitely wasn't an easy one… however, here goes my answer to the challenge and a thank-you to the person who put me up to it; it certainly reminded me of who I am and how far I've come:

It's not only a nickname but my way of being. I was given the nickname because my spirit is radiant. I infect the people around me with good humour and good vibes. I make it my sole mission to get people to smile deep enough to reach their hearts. You might not see me on a dark night… but I'm the star waiting to bring in the morning, to warm up souls and dry the tears.

Majestic, powerful and comforting… I love the sea. This is where I go to recharge my batteries, to heal my hurts or just to be. I love water, I love being near water and in water. When happy I splash it with joy, when I'm sad it collects my tears… when I'm angry it lets me work my frustrations until I've vented them all out in each stroke that I swim.

Music & Dance
My remedy, my saviour, my soul… I can't live without music. It's the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I switch off at night. To feel the music soothe, move your body, take over your soul and speak to your heart. I consider dancing and music as one because I believe they go hand in hand – you shouldn't have one without the other.

Because there's no justification in a lie… because the truth always surfaces and because a lie destroys lives and people. Hypocrisy, manipulation… it's all different forms of lying. Why can't people just tell the truth or keep quiet, it's a hell of a lot easier, it keeps you honest and gives you dignity.

If you believe… then anything is possible. Believe in yourself, believe in your work, and believe that whatever happens, it happens for a reason. Greater than courage, stronger than determination and wiser than perseverance is the hope and the faith that a person invests in everything they do. I'm a believer.

There's not a soul on this planet that can live without it. What good is any life if you don't have someone to share it with? Someone to bare witness? Someone that you can turn to and say “Did you see that?!”. Over the years I've met a lot of people, made amazing friends and had the time of my life at family events. I've loved and been loved in return and I live in the belief that all you need in life is love to be a happy person. I am.

I live by the moment, for the moment. Every moment is to be appreciated and recorded to be played back on rainy days or reunions. To make the moment count – to live it to it's fullest. To laugh, to cry, to sing, love and rejoice… the moments of life are like the paragraphs in a book, the scenes in the plays or the chorus of a song, either or you make something of it or it passes you by.

Yikes… and that's it folks. I do believe I stood well up to my challenge… as for the words that are missing… let's just say that there's a piece of me in everything I do. Candles, Smiles, Angels, Laughter, Independence, Friendship… there are so many more, you can find them in all my other posts.



i would like to write in english...but I can´t. Is not good enought.
Temos sempre o portugues!!!!
Ok. Mais uma pagina do livro que se lê... Adorei conhecer-te mais um cadinho! Partilhamos imensas coisas. esse gosto simples pela alegria e contagiar quem nos circunda! Essa paixão abissal pelo mar! A musica! Esse crer imenso na vida em forma de fé! E esse desprezo pela mentira, pela hipocrisia da mesma! E viver cada momento assim mesmo! Como se fosse unico e primeiro...nunca o minimizando!!! O resto do post não o comento! guardo-o em mim!!!!!
Existe uma parte dois no desafio que consiste em selecionares seis amigos para fazerem um post similar!
Mas o critério é teu...Se entendes que não deves faze-lo! That's Sunshine choice's....


estava na expectativa que viesses ler o post que publiquei ontem!
É a paga á promessa que te fiz - ao desafio que me propuses-te!!!
O poder da mente! recordas-te?
Não te diisse nada porque primeiro quis que o lesses e o comentasses!
mais feliz fico quando verdadeiramente o sentis-te e o fizes-te TEU!!!!!!!
Esse poder imenso que nos permite viver e ousar viver! Nunca renegando aquilo que somos!
A mente é um mundo imenso! Há quem a use para se negar ! Há quem nela viaje para se reencontrar! manter a chama!!!!
O tempo é um companheiro cruel! Tudo apaga!?!?!?
Nããã... recuso-me!
Enquanto autor do InteriorNorte sinto-me realizado depois do post de ontem! Se porventura alguma vez conseguisse fazer sentir minhas palavras de um jeito que alguem as vivesse , então seria minha reconpensa!
Mais ainda quando o post tinha um objectivo...Com a minha alma cumprir o prometido!
Agradeço-To! O POST É TEU!!!!
Guarda-o em ti!

mil beijos e agradeço-te continuares a visitar-me ! mesmo longe e com dificulades em acederes á net!


Lord of Erewhon said...

JAJAJAJAJA!!! és outra anormal! :)=

Dark kiss.

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dreams said...

i can read myself in your words :)

and you you forgot one...
you're a dreamer, as we can read in all you wrote :)

a sweet kiss my friend

Klatuu o embuçado said...

Outros desafios... JAJAJAJAJA!!!

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