Monday, March 19, 2007

Cupid Wins the Fight

There's only so much taunting the little guy can take!
Want to become a nun huh?
Three weeks ago in front of a Monastery the little guy hit me with every arrow he had in his bag.
Dizzy from the arrow’s poison, at first I didn't realize I got shot!
One minute I was scratching a cute rottweiler´s ears and the next moment I was scratching her owner’s ears!
Who do I want again?
I was my eyes were set on one person but now they only see another!
That's it!
Five minutes and the stubborn Taurus is going back to where he came from!
Oohhh… but that woozy feeling in my stomach…
The poison’s effect takes me over and I find myself wanting…
Nah! I can fight this… nothing that rationality can't mess up…
But then there were roses… and candles…
And a sweet surrender…

Three weeks later I'm still basking in the aftermath of defeat...


Luis Sardinha said...

In the valentine's day, I told you that this would happen when you less expected... I think I was right! ;)

Storm said...

In front of a Monastery?! LOL
The next three weeks should be interesting - do keep us posted!

Elvio Sardinha said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE, well, these are some wise words i would give in this situation.

The one thing I’ve learnt from my experiences, witch now has become the fundamental value of any relationship i may encounter.
Firstly, to never allow yourself to beg for love, never allow others to control the situation, by using your love as a weapon for control,

I admit to being the greatest fool of this, I have been in moments were I ignored my conscious, my inner thought, the right thought.
The spirit of thought as it may be, that guides me in this lust world, and the one thing I should listen to, or should have listened to.
People say to follow your heart, I completely agree, but have you ever thought that phrase may be over emphasized. I mean this in a good and bad way.

Take for example, your in love, well..
It’s more like your in love with someone, and you decide to follow your heart… right… ok, what happens next,
Your have two situations that could take place, either the love you may think you have does not feel the same way for you, or they not ready, or they decide to take the situation into there advantage.. Meaning your left hanging, like second best if they can’t find anyone to replace you. It’s a feeling of not being worth it, not being good enough; they may even use or abuse you until they may find no further need in you.
Being in love does blind you, you convince yourself everything is ok, and what you’re doing is the right choice.
Although it may hurt you, you ignore your conscious thought, you friends may see you falling away, and even there advice becomes a blur.
Unfortunately, you may not see this foolish game until it’s all over and you left broken

Conclusively the results may vary from each situation, but have you ever considered by not following your heart, at least just for a moment, until your certain of what you’re doing. It may be a harsh thing to do, but its value is so much greater for you. I’ve learnt now to create a wall around this, my thoughts and inner self control all actions, this way I am protected by foolishly following my heart, not to say that I wont do it, but it will take a little longer to jump into a pool of love,

Like said in my favourite love movie, the greatest gift of all, is to love and to be loved in return.
Saying this, love needs to be giving in the same amount received; if you cannot hold to this law of love, your heart is bound for a fatal crash.
Follow you heart, if you know its right, but stop the minute things are not right.

DRC said...

And the bet/battle with the cupid isn't the only one you've lost ;)

Klatuu o embuçado said...

E eu a pensar que estavas doente!
Ou estás? :)

Dark kiss.

As cores da vida said...

Tenho sido mto mazinha para quem me visita e comenta..
Isto de saber como lidar com o tempo, é tramado. Queremos fazer sempre tanta coisa e depois acaba-se por fazer pouca ou, até mesmo, nenhuma.

Deixo aqui um beijo.
E uma confissão horrível: eu e o inglês nunca nos demos lá muito bem lool :$

[tenho que actualizar os links das cores da vida... a ver se faço isso esta semana :) ]

Sunshine said...

Luis Sardinha: Nah! You told me to ally with the little guy instead of fighting him... There´s a fine line between love and war and I believe things worked out just the way they were meant to be ;)

Storm: Literally in front of a monastery! :P Will try... you know that it´s more important to live great moments than to write about them.

Elvio Sardinha: Baby how I miss you!!!!! Thank-you for your input and here´s wishing that Cupid goes Psycho on you too! ;)

DRC: I´m not so sure I lost that bet yet... Cupid knows the names of all my friends!

Klatuu: Estou apaixonada... achas que é grave?

Madelena! (Cores da Vida): LOL, como te compreendo! Falta de tempo também é um mal meu no entanto eu nunca visitei o teu site de forma a vires visitar o meu... comento porque adoro o teu trabalho e apenas por isso merece o meu contributo... és bem vinda sempre que quiseres mas não por obrigação!

Beijinhos Grandes a todos!

Marco Mota said...

Pois, esse diabrete do cupido anda por aí a fazer das suas, o peste, mas ainda bem que te atingiu.

Soph!a said...

Parece que ficaste

Como eu te compreendo...

Enjoy it...

Sunshine said...

Marco Mota: You´re next! :P

Sophia: ;)