Friday, February 15, 2008

I saw people...

Photosource: Unknown

Due to temporary deslocation, i´ve been working this week in a different building which results in my taking a shortcut through Curry Cabral Hospital every morning.
The walk implies walking past security, past the emergency entrance and various consulting rooms before walking through a garden and finally walking past security at the exit.

On most mornings, the music from my earphones and random thoughts keep me distracted but this morning time seemed to have slowed down and I became aware of my surroundings:
I walked past a little girl sitting outside the emergency room with a look of all the sadness in the world on her face.
Knowing nothing else to do, I conjured my broadest smile and was relieved when she smiled back.
Smile - the best contagious ailment I know!
The old man in the wheelchair also smiled at me as I walked past the consulting rooms and the old couple in the garden sitting on the benches as well – the lady had a bandage on her hand, she must´ve either sprained or hurt it.

Why is it that I only saw these people today when all week I hadn´t noticed anybody at all…
The sad truth of life is, that we spend a lot of time "not seeing people".
You can´t keep track of everyone in your life however you learn that in life if you don´t appreciate the people that surround you - you´ll only truly "see" them, once they´ve gone.
I decided to give my little brother a call...


mlmatos said...

U r smthg! Meetting U again, fulfilling my soul with your words, recharging Life through your comments and your being!
Miss ya!

Lord of Erewhon said...

«Not seeing each other»...

Estou feliz por estares feliz... mas tenho algo trágico a dizer-te, sweety: está escrito nas estrelas que tu vais acabar por casar comigo! Poor You! JAJAJAJAJAJA!!!

Dark kiss.

Sunshine said...

Mlmatos: I miss you too, I´m still waiting for your whisper. ;)

Lord of Erewhon: LOL, amigo só mesmo se for contigo que eu caso! È tragédia para as meninas que não te aproveitarem até lá =P