Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Chicken or Egg?

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Have you ever regretted helping someone?
Or worse… before you reached out a hand, you knew that you were going to be slapped in the face and yet you still made the choice to help…
Is knowing that you did the “right thing” any consolation for feeling like a shmuck?
What is supposed to be highest on our list of priorities? Our wellbeing ou a friends?

Recently, someone close to me decided to share his roof with a friend that had just lost his. I was asked to share an opinion and before a decision was made we both agreed that there was a personal loss involved.

Some people are born martyrs… they spend their life looking to be victims os someone else´s needs and whims.
Then there are those that think the world spins around their waist. These people not only think that the world owes them a living, they expect your availability and goodwill whenever they may need it.

So where is the equilibrium? When is it okay to say no and when should you be saying yes? What are the rules for making the “fair decision”. Don´t you sometimes just wish someone gave you the manual.

I reckon that if things were so black and white, no one would have trouble making a decision… that there are no perfect decisions, only perfect intentions – or perspective on which we base our decisions on. Whatever you decide, ultimately the toughest judge to convince will be the reflection in your mirror.

Go with your gut and conscience – that´s the advise I give to those that ask.

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Clairvoyant said...

It's always a nice advice, to go with your gut.

Most of the times I come to the conclusion that I think too much. Many people do the same. Injustices will always happen, so it's best not to blame ourselves over possible bad choices. Apologies were created just for that, for when we make mistakes.

I think that what's probably a rule of thumb is not to intent to hurt anyone, or be unjust. Of course you can still be, but that would be a mistake, and a part of human nature. We shouldn't worry too much about the people that aren't the world to us. We have our own lives to live.

As for the leeches, screw them as soon as you can, before they can suck out all the blood from your life.