Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just a Reminder...

In the fast pace at which we live life, it´s so easy to forget a friend… for hours, for days, weeks – the gap can sometimes stretch out to months if not longer.
The wonderful aspect about a true friendship is that when that person eventually crosses your mind, that phonecall, e-mail and contact is wonderful! And even though there´s plenty to catch up on – the intimacy remains as if no time passed by since the last time you talked.

Recently I got reprimanded for not having included someone in a gathering and my first thought was “Yikes! I didn´t even remember…”
Unfortunately this isn´t the first time I excluded someone from a gathering by mistake.
I also then recalled that this person in particular not only didn´t belong to my social circle as I didn´t so much as even have that person´s phone number.
However the person found it in his right to voice his descontentment seeing as the gathering was organized in honour of a mutual friend.
I felt bad seeing as the person we both knew would´ve probably liked to see the person in question but neither of us remembered.
It isn´t as if the person was excluded on purpose.
What I find annoying is how offended this person was and the way I was attacked as if the exclusion had been intentional.
Curious that even though that person knew about our friend´s presence, he felt that it was my obligation to contact him and didn´t think to call. If he´d called, he most certainly wouldn´t have been forgotten!
Isn´t it strange how friendships and relationships are broken over so little…

Although recent, this isn´t the event that inspired this subject:

I dreamt about someone last night, someone I haven´t spoken to in a really long time. The dream was so intense that I woke up with the sense of the smell of his cologne. On the ride to work I wondered how he was doing and made a mental note to send an e-mail and make that contact…
This mental note slipped seeing as I drowned myself into my work the minute I arrived but just as things began to simmer down I paid attention to the song on the rádio and smiled...
It was the song that linked me directly to the someone in my dreams.
Coincidence?... That not only did I randomly dream about someone I hadn´t remembered in a long time as on the same morning, the radio played an old song that it normally doesn´t play which just happens to link your mind with that same someone.

I don´t believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason and in this case the result will be in the pleasant contact with an old friend…
Someone once told me that when we have an intense dream, the person on the other side will feel it too. I don´t know if I believe that anymore but it would be nice to know he was thinking of me too. At least I know he will be when he reads my e-mail and in the least, I´m grateful for the universe´s reminder.
What I´m most grateful for though is the fact that distance and time don´t alter true friendships and that I might not always be in touch with the people I care about but that doesn´t mean that they´ve left my heart and that sooner or later they´re thought of with with the tender loving care that I regard them with.
Here´s to remembering and being remembered by friends!


Anonymous said...

"Someone once told me that when we have an intense dream, the person on the other side will feel it too."

Miss you Baby!!!

Take care!


Quicha said...

Little things like that don't break a true friendship. Haven't forgotten you this side :-)

Sunshine said...

JC: Dreams are the stepping stone to a reality... if it´s good then make it happen! Miss you too babes!

Quich: I thought so much of you as I wrote this column because nothing reminds me more of the true strength of a friendship - true friends are never forgotten! Got you deep in my heart buds!

fieryfairy said...

how curious that the first post I read after having neglected to log in for so long, is one about remembering friends/other bloggers? coincidence? I agree with u there are no coincidences but still they brighten our day.
about that person who was excluded: they are prob hurt that they have been so easily overlooked; i mean, noone overlooks the soul of the party or a best friend or in any way the most popular guy/gal, do they? Maybe that's why they attacked you, they didn't like the reminder that they are not the soul of the party

Sunshine said...

LOL Fieryfairy... I´d say you nailed the bull´s eye!!!
Always good to hear from you buds!