Tuesday, February 01, 2011


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The older I get, the more I realise that the most precious thing you´ll ever own is time… Your whole life is based on how you manage time and what you do with it.
Love, Friendship, Career… even your hobbies, take time.
It´s not quite a question of whether you have it or not – we all get the same amount a day and yet as we look around us it seems that everyone else gets more or less time than we do.
No one has the right amount of time on their hands.
Either they´re suffocated by the excess of time that slowly refuses to pass… or they have so little of it that it seems there´s never enough of it to get everything done.
I´m in the latter phase.
It seems like regardless of the effort I invest in getting things done, I just can´t do it all.
I prioritize, make sure I get the important things done first but even so as I close my eyes just before I go to sleep, I feel like i´ve cheated myself with time.
The older I get, the more intolerant I become to people who waste my time.
I hate queues.
I hate waiting.
I resent the time I invest in those that don´t appreciate it.
Perhaps it´s time I stop giving minutes and hours to that and those that wouldn´t do the same for me…
Because once you´ve given it, you can´t take it back.


Luis Sardinha said...

Please don't stop giving me minutes ok?

Sunshine said...

I give you more than just a few minutes... =P

Anonymous said...

The older I get the more scared I have gotten. As a child I was fearless but now learning to ride a bike seems like a mission because I know the precautions, the what ifs. What if I fell in front of those people, how embaressing or what if I fell and grazed my knees. The endless worries never end. Hence what they say is true, a mothers fear is endless.

Sunshine said...

I can definitely relate to that... the more you become aware of the consequences, the less you´re willing to risk because suddenly you have far more to lose than before and because you give more importance and worth to what you already have.

Susana said...

tenho saudades tuas bolas! vê lá se arranjas tempo para mim lolol

Sunshine said...

LOL... Su, para ti eu arranjo tempo, é preciso que tu me digas quando... =)