Sunday, October 05, 2003

One Flesh

One Flesh

They live apart now, Each in their own separate beds.
He sits in front of his computer, keeping the light on late.
She lies in her bed dreaming of princes in a nearby fate.

They breathed blaming each other for their failures.
All decisions in cause of a child whose opinion was never heard
Repeating the same mistakes, from lessons never learnt.

They claim after time, to know each other better than themselves
Often staring into each other´s eyes but never into the soul
Sharing a full house that could never be called a home.

They swore pure honesty when playing the manipulation game
All promises broken, all truth created from their individual fantasies
Illusion was the enemies weakness their opposite realities.

They avoided the physical touch, inevitable destination was chastity
After each conversation where nothing was ever resolved
Hugs were forced, kisses sacrificed like a confession absolved

They claim to live for their children, the love that basis all their decisions
It is for this love that they´ve given up their home, future, family, money and success
A love that continues to be ignored for their individual happiness

They say they´ve forgiven but they have not forgotten
Sad memories are their companions, hurt and pain is their fire
Friendship will never exist when distance is the desire.

They are determined to break free but they keep holding on
Strangely apart, yet strangely close together
The fragile relationship continues to sustain through rough weather.

They never lived together, they stuggle to live apart.
Survival was the walk that was common between them.
Today they live imprisoned by their new found Freedom.

You, who are my mother. You, who are father
Does the mirror show what I see? Do you know that you´re old?
These two who are my my father and mother,
whose fire which I came from, has now grown cold.
after all these years of decaying survival,
I sit and watch life come through, I finally see you grow.

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