Saturday, January 17, 2004

When you eyes say it…

Physically, it is impossible for two people to have the same “eye”. The eye is as individual as a fingerprint and cannot be copied. Although there is only three basic colours that an eye can have, not one eye can be compared to another. And although our eyes can look quite similar to those of a parent, they can never truly be identical. It is an individual feature that each of us have.

Poets call the eye, the window to the soul. In every great play and book you will read about the truth always coming from the eyes. Maybe it´s because when two people are looking at each other in the eyes, it is virtually impossible to lie to one another. So are the eyes truly the window to the soul? What is it that we read or see when we look into someone else´s eyes?

Having chameleon eyes, no one can truly pin point my personal eye colour. Most of the time they´re green but depending on the time that you look at them, you might find them either to look hazel, grey or even blue with different kinds of shades of green. There was once a person in my life who read my “moods” by the colour of my eyes. He said they would turn bright green when I was angry, grey when I was sick, light blue when I was sad and they´d shine brightly when I was happy. Considering that I don´t carry a mirror around to recheck the colour of my eyes every hour, I´ll take his word for it when he tells me of these colour changes. But what about the people whose eye colour stays the same? How do I tell if they´re sad or happy?

Yesterday afternoon I sat next to a colleague of mine who was smiling as she sat in front of me and to anyone who had looked quickly, it might´ve seemed that she was happily enjoying her lunch. However, when I looked into her eyes, I saw so much that her smile wasn´t portraying. I saw hurt, pain and deep sadness. Her blue eyes spoke of depression and tears that would not come. Her whole aura was low on any bright colour that would imply hope. I told her what I saw and she agreed that what i´d seen beyond her smile, wasn´t just a mirage... I saw this all in her eyes.

Many times in my life i´ve been captured in dead silence by the look in someone´s eyes. No matter how distracted I might be, a pair of eyes would capture mine in a silent recognition that keeps my soul guessing answers. Not too long ago, another pair of eyes caught mine in a indescribable way. He looked so deeply into my soul that everyone else around us disappeared, disintegrated. In reality the gaze lasted seconds, a minute perhaps... but to me, it must´ve lasted an eternity. What did I see in his eyes? I do not know... I keep waiting for my memory to erase the effect they left me with since that day. Did he see what I saw? This feeling... this breathtaking, heartstopping feeling of recognition? Did we see beyond our souls? Perhaps we knew each other in another life?

I find it hard that people can still doubt reincarnation in this day and age. Have they not done things they knew not how to do and felt the odd feeling of deja-vu? Or seen a place and felt that they´d been there before? Gone somewhere and strangely knew the way? Or met someone and felt that they knew them from somehwere else... another time and place? If reincarnation is a reality then our bodies are not the same with every lifetime. And if the eyes are truly the window to one´s soul then perhaps it´s the only way of two souls that knew each other, to recognise each other in this life.

To those eyes that leave many unanswered questions... I cannot percieve if you´ve seen and felt the same that I do unless your lips tell me. How interesting it would be, if only I knew who you were to me in another life? How interesting it would be if I knew what you will become to be in this life?...
Look not at my lips, or at my hair, or at my breasts, when you talk to me. Look me in the eyes... there you will find my soul, only through my eyes can you speak to my heart. Only eye to eye, can we truly be honest with each other.

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