Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Altered State of Mind... (part 2)

After much deliberation, I decided on leaving the last entry. Although it’s not one of my best pieces of work, I amusingly discovered something about myself and this is what I want to share with you:

Definition of alcohol?

It’s mind-altering substance that feels like silk going down your throat, and poison once it reaches your stomach. It then disperses into your every vein, rising on a non-stop trip to your brain with the sole mission to take control. And then it happens… you let go! No fears, no inhibitions and the courage to speak your mind… alcohol is the virus that infiltrates the brain, preventing thoughts on being scanned before being released by the tongue. And although it is responsible for the destruction of brain cells… I’d say alcohol could have its positive influence too…

The last entry ended with my apologies for not learning or teaching anything but after rereading my column… I discovered a little something about myself.

Besides the fact that I can’t find the spell-check button while I’m drunk… I found that whilst under the influence of mind-altering chemicals, I’m still as direct and sincere as I am when I’m dead sober. Maybe a little too sincere… definitely a little too direct but without a shadow of a doubt, still the same spirit! Anyone who looked me in the eyes would see the same soul they find on any given day of the week.

A while ago I had lunch with a good friend of mine who plotted to get her loved one drunk in order to extract voiced emotions that he was unable to communicate with her whilst sober. It’s scary to think that nowadays you either have to get someone drunk or torture them in order to get some sentimental truth.

After careful analyses, I wasn’t sure whether to be proud of myself or to start stressing that I still wear my heart too visible on my sleeve. Nowadays it’s dangerous to share your thoughts and opinions without having them mutilated into someone else’s politic issues… I am aware that silence is a safe and intelligent option for the current times but after reading my columns I realise that my position as a typical Arian is too stand in front of the crowd and loudly voice my opinion.

Arrogant? Self-centred? No… I don’t consider that to be the case. I believe that everyone is on a mission of self-improvement and if I can help someone learn from my mistakes then my intentions are justified… communication is the only means of immortality, so yes… I voice my opinions for those who wish to hear them (or in read in this case)

Once again, I have nothing new to teach… but perhaps you can learn something from what I said… just as I did. I hope never have to rely on alcohol to help me express my feelings. I pride myself on being sincere person and being able to be counted on for a direct and honest opinion. I just hope that the people around me know that it doesn’t take a shot of Tequila to get me to talk… all you have to do is ask.

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