Sunday, April 11, 2004

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do When They Come For You?

There are boys out there that are born bad for life. I call them boys because they will never be men enough to assume any kind of responsability or commitment. Yet they´re the kind of addiction that gets so far under your skin that you find yourself wanting to be just as bad as they are.

Danger... the kind that scares all mother´s into praying distance from their little girls. No woman is immune to the man who knows how to where to find her buttons and isn´t afraid to press them. He makes no promises. There is no future or past in his words and indirectly he´ll whisper the kind of suggestions that have been playing on your wildest fantasies and deepest dreams. These bad boys are only guilty of driving you out of your mind. They´ll caress your soul with the look in their eyes. You know that being with them is wrong, but they make the world around you seem so right. When you´re with a bad boy, time stops and the world around you disintegrates into the back burner of your mind. You forget your insecurities, you let go of your inhibitions and feel naked under the lazer eyes of the bad boy scanning you. He´ll fill any room with his magnetism and magically make all the people disappear when he dances with you. He´ll look into your mind, playback the song in your soul and kiss your heart with his imagination.

Seduction is the name of the game. The irresistable dance on eggshells. The more you play the game... the more they entwined you get in the web of illusion. You realise that he has the reins firmly in his grip and that you´re the one who placed them there because deep down you want to loose control to him.

Run? Run from him? Why run from someone that can take you to heaven and back?

Maybe because once he´s taken you to heaven, he´ll steal away your wings and let you fall straight into sentimental hell! You´ll take a look at the face that you gave control to and realise that he has no idea what he´s doing, where he´s going or what he wants. Just as you, he wanted to embrace the moment. He responded to the challenge and lost interest once he conquered it. He can talk the talk, but the walk and the heart is something he just can´t handle. A little boy who doesn´t know how to respond to a real woman, he will run the minute the music stops playing his beat.

The problem isn´t recognising a bad boy... you will see him from a mile away... getting his poison out your bloodstream is what is more complicated. A bad boy is unforgettable and the memories of time spent with him will haunt your “normal” life. You don´t want him, but you can´t help thinking about him when that song comes on... when that car drives past... when you look at the leather office chair. Your mind desperately clings to common sense but your hormones beg you to commit emotional suicide, even if it´s just to feel alive inside.

This isn´t a story about sex nor is it a story about love. This is the confusion created when Mr. Right isn´t in your life and Mr. Wrong reminds you that you´re a redblooded woman. There is no doubt that he isn´t what you want, that you deserve better yet, you find yourself attracted to the person you become when you´re with him. Insanity makes sense when spending time with a bad boy. Are you in love? Maybe it´s just the things you´re going through... Maybe you´re alone, maybe you´re looking for a challenge, spice in your life... but you´re looking for something unattached don´t look at a bad boy. He will only rest once he has your heart and once heaven is conquered, hell will be all that is left.

Some say that bad boys are courageous because they´re not afraid to experiment with every sentiment that a human being is capable of. I think they´re life´s biggest cowards for not owning up to their feelings. The biggest crime a man can commit is to awaken the heart of a woman without the intention of loving her.

Maybe a bad boy is something every girl needs to go through to appreciate the man in her life. He is the modern Peter Pan, the boy that will never grow up. The unsatisfied being that will never know how to keep a real woman happy.

I´m truly sorry that I once again represent a challenge to you. I may be gullible but i´m not stupid. I´m through playing with boys, call me if you ever grow up to be a man.

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