Friday, April 02, 2004

…Suddenly they’re all quiet?

Look he’s talking had “part one” associated because I was convinced that all my male readers would vehemently flood me with e-mails of protest. I was expecting concrete arguments that I would find challenging to contest. Mentally preparing myself for an in-depth argument, the response I got was overwhelming:


The only e-mails I received congratulated my piece and agreed with my point of view. I did get a few phone calls from bruised male ego’s that began something like “I want to argue with you about your piece, but I don’t know how!”. One male friend even said “You should be shot for giving away our secrets!”. The best insult I was given was: “That was brilliant! You know, I think God must’ve changed his mind at the last minute because you should’ve been born a man!”… Ahem… as I said to the unfortunate wise ass that to attempted to insult my femininity: “It’s being born a woman that gives me the common sense to see things that men consider genius”.

I can only conclude from the silence of my challenger that either he has forfeited the challenge or he’s still busy surfing the net for good counter arguments. Either way, I think it proves that my theory rings true for most part of the male population. But as with any kind of talk… be it from a man or from a woman. Words need to be measured before spoken. And what really counts is not what comes out your mouth but the intention that sits in your heart.

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