Saturday, September 18, 2004

Great Sex

A professional pimp told me that you could tell just by observing someone whether they’re a good lay or not. I have to admit, that I was quite impressed with his insight into character. If you ignore his moral standards, you find that with a little self-discipline, he could probably become a professional psychologist, one of the best. So what where the three requisites for being good in bed?
A large penis for a male or a sexy body for a woman
Being gay, an artist or great on the dance floor
Having sex with someone you’re completely in love with

Circumstantial evidence? Perhaps… but consider the following:
In the first case if you consider that sex is always good for a man no matter what it is that he’s screwing, you could say he’d be pretty satisfied if the woman he did it with was the envy of every other man and woman. Even if she felt like an ironing board in bed, the fact that all the curves were in the right places and she was good looking would guarantee most male satisfactions. One could argue that size doesn’t count… but tell that to a woman that feels completely filled by her partner. No matter the rhythm that he goes at, any movement he makes will be pleasurable inside.
The second count can be strongly debated, however you have to admit that a gay person should know his/her body better than anyone and satisfying the same sex would be like satisfying him or herself which he/she should know how to do very well, considering that we all know where we like to be touched best. An artist can only be successful because he/she pays very careful attention to fine detail. A man or woman with enough patience to analyse and carefully explore their partner’s body is definitely bound to find the most secretive and highly sensitive buttons to press. Press enough buttons and you’re bound to get explosive results even before copulation. Rhythm is the key to being a great dancer, if you know how to feel the music and get your body in sync with the beat; not only will you look good and attract attention but you will also know how to get in sync with your partners body. Body movement is not only erotic but also a major key in driving a partner to orgasm. Intercourse requires just as much rhythm and movement as dancing. Lastly we’re left with the third point that is most argued, especially by men. One man even insisted that sex with strangers was much better than with his girlfriend. I suppose that could be true if it means that with a stranger you release all taboos and get a high from the danger of being caught. But if there’s lack of excitement in your relationship then I pity the lack of imagination and question the fear of evaluation!
So why does love guarantee great sex? Maybe because love entails putting your partners needs above your own. In a world where your main objective is to satisfy the person you’re with and take them to extreme heights, you end up delaying your own pleasure to reach this goal. If the other person has the same goal, it should lead to one very long night of amazing sex. And even if they objective isn’t the same… you have to admit that the more you delay your pleasure, the bigger the explosion is when you can contain it no longer. Making love doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be slow, in opposition to sex it just guarantees a more pleasurable and satisfying experience in where more than just an orgasm is built between two people.


It’s what connects two people, two bodies and turns it into one. For a man with low morals I was surprised to hear that he agreed completely with my theory of the key to great sex. The secret key that sums the three points and guarantees great sex is touch. You need to touch the person’s soul before you touch their bodies.

Shhhh… it’s a secret!

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