Thursday, August 10, 2006

City Talk

There's nothing that pisses me off more than when people say the exact opposite of what they mean to say. You can't argue that they're lying because objectively they're not… however, when analyzing their words you find that the meaning doesn't correspond to the intention. It's clever and to those who use this type of language… diplomatic or friendly. It's a way of making you seem nice when you really don't give a shit.
It's annoying and it irritates the living daylights out of me!
It's a language most used in the big cities and although you don't pick it up right away, after a while you learn to decipher the hidden meaning behind the “good intention”.
Having heard enough bullshit to make me sick, there are certain phrases that are certain like for instance:

“Here’s my number, if you ever n want to go our or do something you just give me a call.”

This number is meant for emergencies only. I don't really ever expect you to call unless you want to invite me to some amazing party everyone is going to or unless you're the bearer of the kind of good news the benefits me.

“If you need anything, just give me a call”

If you're dying, I’ll probably take some time to come put a band aid on so that I can tell everyone how I'm your hero.

Here’s one of the top ten!:

“Damn! I was just about to call you!”

I forgot your existence so it's good that you called otherwise I'd probably end up erasing your number from my phone list.

It's the nice things people say to hide their true intentions and it's probably what I hate most about the big city.
Be rough… be cruel… be harsh… but be straight forward.
Say what you mean and mean what you say!
Is it really that hard?

Here’s my utmost favourite:

“That sounds great; we really need to do that one of these days…”

…in perhaps two or three lifetimes from now.

I've learnt not to take this kind of talk personally and as they say in my “third world country” When shit talks and bullshit walks… smile!
Am I really the one missing out or is this kind of rejection no more than a mixed blessing?
I’d rather be quiet than dishonest and although I'm a bitch, I'm straightforward and those around me know what they can count on.
People live their lives complaining about the opportunities they miss out on and then they wonder why.
It takes two to tango and only one to dance alone.


Storm said...

I reckon we all tend to use this kind of talk at some or other point in our lives.
Sure it means that we probably dont intend on putting in the effort but that all depends on the effort the other person puts in as well.
I reckon you shouldnt always understand it as rejection.

unresigned said...

Some people use it as you said, but some are being honest. sometimes it really happens to me to be thinking of calling someone anda that person calls me first! It happened!
So, as Storm said, it depends more of who rather than what they say. Words are words. It's the way you use them that make them good or not.

IceVsFire said...

Realmente e assim k as coisas funcionam..tentar ser simpatico..mas tens k ver a outra face da moeda..talvez esteja a tentar nao magoart...mas de kalker maneira tb desatino pessoalmente gosot de ir direito ao assunto seja la kual for a barbaridade k eu va dizer..lembro me em particular de uma vez em k uma gaja k conheço disee acerca de mim "....ele nao gostava la muito de mim.." a k eu respondi: Nao gosto!! gostava e passado!!como podes ver ainda k rude..é eficaz e evita mal entendidodss

Patrícia Chaparrínho said...

This is one of the things that scare me into mooving to a big city. The lack of time that people have for friendship wich is one of my bigguest motivations for living. I´m really sorry for that. Wish you find some good friends soon.