Friday, August 11, 2006


Let me in…
Allow me to see you, to look in your eyes and see your soul.
I want to learn how your heart works.
To know the warmth of your smile…
Consent to my touch…
To discover every contour of your face…
I'd like to know your every angle by heart…
To know your thoughts is to risk falling in love…
I'll take my chances.
No Fear… give me permission into your forbidden world.
Show me what lies beneath the surface
I want to drown in the emotion that lies within the depths of your being.
To surrender to madness
And find that everything makes sense.
Oh bittersweet frustration to have you close…
To feel you far…
To want you near… to want you gone.
Let's do something insane!
The truth lies in a kiss, how will we know if we don't…
I won't beg… but I suffer
With your indifference
With the desire to rip apart your defenses
Withholding nothing back…
I can't make you see beyond what you think you see
I can't force you to feel
I'm only as close as you let me…
Let's stop standing in the doorway
Slam the door or pull me in
Don't look at me that way and expect me to turn away.
Explain what my eyes can't tell my heart
Who are you?
What moves you?
Are there any answers to my questions?
Is what I see an illusion or only the surface to your ocean?
I want to swim into your depths
Am I permitted to see?
Let me in.
You won't regret it.


Storm said...

Waking you up at five in the morning must be quite an experience!
Good writing - Intense as the sunshine (wear sun screen boys) she burns!

Anonymous said...

Regret? How could anyone? how could I?

Patrícia Chaparrínho said...

I didn´t know you as a poet darling. Well done! I really enjoyed this one. Miss you bunches!