Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Photosource: Unknown

Once again women show that they’re better at it than men! When it comes to fishing, women do it successfully without even having to use a rod!
These fisherladies are everywhere and if you’re not careful, you’ll end giving them more than you bargained for.
Today I was attacked from three different angles and had I been distracted, I would’ve slipped right into their nets!
How do they do it?
Strategic questions!!!
They can be formulated in a million different ways but they´ll come out sounding as mild interest; one of those oh-by-the-way, as-a-matter-of-fact curiosities.
I personally enjoy dodging these questions until desperation makes the person ask me out straight what they want to know.

“So lately have you heard from…”
“Your skin is looking healthy, any particular reason or beauty secret you want to share…”
“Have you ever gone out for drinks with…”

When the answer to these questions don’t particularly matter much to you, it’s easy to smile slyly and ask “Why do you want to know”
But when they run cold down your spine, you abstain from such a phrase which you know will either make your lip tremble or come out defensively.
In such cases, I face the music with one word answers whilst strategically placing my concentration somewhere else.
(If they think you’re not listening, they tend to go away)

I’ll admit, as a woman I’ve learnt the tact necessary to find things out diplomatically but as an Arian I lack the patience it takes and I prefer bluntly asking what I want to know.
I may not catch the little fishies, but it sure puts me in contact with big sharks!


unresigned said...

How I understand those words...

Storm said...

Your pretty good at dodging the things you dont want to talk about.
It isn´t always a good skill to have.

Sunshine said...

Unresigned: Probably because the same hooks have swung in your direction as well... by the same sportswomen!

Storm: The important things I dodge, I eventually open with the people I trust. There are few things that friends like you don´t know about me. Thank-You for that.

Klatuu o embuçado said...

Coitadinhas das meninas militantes do Bloco de Esquerda da Madeira!... já andam a apanhar lixo! :)=
(há quem lhe chame pesca! JAJAJAJA!!!)

Lord of Erewhon said...


Lord of Erewhon said...

There are two sharks in this comments box! You're doomed! :)

Sunshine said...

klatuu o embuçado: Tótó... nota-se com esse comentário que nem sequer lestes o que eu escrevi, tu andas mas é á procura de briga, mete-te com o Lord of Erewhon que de certeza que ele de dá guerra! :P

Lord of Erewhon: I´m not afraid of sharks... if they bite, I bite back :P

unresigned said...

nem mais, sunshine!

Klatuu said...

Tens dentes pequenitos! :)=