Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year

Photosource: Miguel Nobrega

As I watched the figment that you see above you, it occurred to me once again that I have the power to make of my year what I so choose and so…

This I've decided to throw my patience to the winds and be the bitch that lies within me… friends will feel no difference but those asking for whooping will feel it!

After the fireworks and the raisons (Which I nearly choked on), I got my arse kicked at Pictionary. (You try draw a madhouse without words or gestures! The best I could do was a house with a stickman next to it and loose screws over his head) I’m accepting tips and suggestions for a better performance next year.

It was around 2am when I got dressed up, put on my high heels and make-up and went *jolling until 9am!!!

*South African slang for partying!

If my start to the New Year is any indication of how the rest of the year will be like, then I'm going to have a brilliant year where I meet funny characters, a couple of good looking guys and get to dance on top of bars (What?! Don't tell me you've never tried it!). Best of all, it means I'll get to see beautiful sunrises and spend time with the people I care about and that care about me.

2007 promises to be a hell of lot better than 2006!!!


Liilavati said...

Prima, levamos uma abada no pictonary porque eles fizeram batota e usaram muittaaa intuição! A do manicómio ganhamos! Foi um bom começo de ano:D
Tenho a certeza que será um ano extraordinario para ti porque tu , mais que mereces!

PS. Treina os desenhos que vou fazer o mesmo para no final do ano sermos imbativeis lololol

Sunshine said...

Hehehe... pois é, a do manicómio até ganhamos, mas sem dúvida foi o mais complicado para eu desenhar! :P... Vou treinar os meus desenhos, para ano as Carneiras é que ganham! lolol
Sem dúvida foi um excelente começo ao ano, não consigo imaginar começar o meu ano em outro sitio senão na Rua 5 de Outubro no 5º andar! (MADEIRA!)
Vai ser um ano extraordinário para as duas! (Ano 9!) - Jinhos!

unresigned said...

eu gostava de ter visto isso! lol
Bom ano para ti e para todos!

Storm said...

If I remember correctly, you do well on top of a bar; table; chair...etc.