Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why Me?


Because you’re alive!!!
My father once told me that I must accept my share of responsibility for everything that may or may not happen in my life. This means that each time you make a decision or adapt a certain attitude; you must be prepared to deal with the consequences!

Why do they pick on me?… have you ever tried standing up for yourself?
Why am I always the one getting the crappy jobs?... Have you ever said no? When are you going to start looking for a better job?
Why does everything I do go wrong?... Why are you always repeating the same mistakes when you know that they get you now where?
Why am I the constant door mat?... When are you going to stop allowing people to take advantage of you?
Why does nobody love me?... Have you taken the time to love someone, to give of yourself and open yourself up to be loved?

When are you going to stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop blaming things on someone else and take responsibility for your actions?
Is it that people enjoy being fortune’s fools? Perhaps they love being slaves to destiny and take pleasure out of playing the victims.
This generation may be more technologically advanced, more educated and self supportive but they know less about responsibility and survival. Honour, truth, courage, introspection and taking responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions: This is what is needed to take control of yourself and your life. Fail to learn these concepts and you will forever live under your mother’s skirts! How are you ever going to achieve independence?

There was a party and everyone was invited. Good friends, best friends and new friends alike were told to bring their good humour and festive spirit to celebrate. They came from near and far, no one missed the party… all except for her. She wasn’t invited. Being a friendly and social person, she simply could not understand how she had been overlooked! Thoughts of hatred and hurt went through her mind. Maybe someone had poisoned everyone against her, maybe they didn’t like her or maybe the host had meant to send her an invitation but it had gotten lost in the mail.
What she think of or remember, was the fact that she’d never so much invited the host of the party to a cup of coffee. That neither the host nor their common friends had ever been invited to any of her social gatherings and that since she’d not once made any attempt to bond with neither the host nor the common acquaintances.
Yet, she’s the victim of an evil conspiracy by people that simply didn’t remember that she existed when sending out the invitations…

If you don’t do something about it, it’s your fault.

Almost everything that goes either right or wrong in our lives is be traced back to us. Although fate cannot be altered, destiny is determined by the attitude we decide to take. If we allow ourselves to believe that our lives depend on someone else’s decisions then we become their slaves. What is the use in blaming others for the decisions they’ve made, they are merely living their lives the way that best agrees with them; shouldn’t you be doing the same? What is the use in blaming the destination if it is your own two feet that took you there, your eyes that read the map and your mind that processed direction?

True Freedom and Independence can only be earned, once you take full responsibility for your attitude and actions.

This will take introspection, this may involve admitting to negative thoughts and wrong attitudes and this may mean you’ll have to be a stronger person. No longer can you blame your sorrows on life and its inhabitants… from now on, all your losses and successes will solely depend on you. It’s a high price, but one that is rewarded with the kind of freedom that can only be earned and not bought.

Be bold, be brave, be true… And let Faith be your companion on your road through happiness.

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