Saturday, September 10, 2005

Careful Steps...

Stop dancing around me as if you’re dodging eggshells!

This isn’t to say that one shouldn’t think before saying the words, it just goes to say that a truthful opinion needs little or no prior thought.
It comes from the heart… direct and simple… so say it!

If you think it and you feel it… say it!
The painful truth is exactly what person needs to hear… how else can one grow without an honest perspective?

This strange chicken behaviour originates when one person is insecure and begins to worry about the other person’s opinion or reaction to their own.
Suddenly all thoughts and answers are carefully chosen, then actions and behaviour patterns are changed accordingly and before you know it, you’re acting like the idiot you swore you’d never become and wondering what the hell happened to the real you!

You blame me… I blame you and the only steps we take are those of the chicken dance!

One who dances to steps that aren’t his loses the whole concept of dancing.
You may even succeed on avoiding my toes but you’re going to kill the rhythm that made me want to dance with you in the first place!
Its called sincerity… it keeps you from falling on your face!
Dancing is a partnership… you take a step and I take a step.
If you keep dancing around eggshells, soon I’ll be dancing around eggshells too and one of us, if not both of us will end up falling on our faces or quitting..

Loved One… I chose to dance with you for who you are and the way you move, why would I settle for any other than the original?
What good is our dance if you take away the soul?

Don’t say what you think I want to hear, what I want to hear is what you have to say!

Stop It!!!
Kill the music, turn on the lights and look me straight in the eyes!!!
I’m still the same person you were dancing with five minutes ago!
If the steps aren’t smooth it’s because they’re not coming from the heart…
So quit trying to be someone you’re not and attempt the steps that aren’t yours.
Let’s get back to merely dancing; feeling the music for all the reasons we began dancing in the first place! Why dance at all if you’re not enjoying yourself?

The sooner you’re direct and sincere, the quicker we can set things straight!

Who am I writing about?
Is this about someone I know?
Something I saw?
A moment I lived?
It’s about you isn’t it?

…If you stop dancing around eggshells long enough to summon the courage to ask me, you’ll probably find out!!!
So open your mouth and say it as you mean it, so that I respond the same way!


Chronis said...

I love you for what you are, not for what you say or do... Simply for who you are!

Anonymous said...

I throw the eggs at U, as U surely know... and U send yours back too!
So let's keep on dancing!