Friday, September 02, 2005


The wise say that one should keep all love letters and throw away old bank statements…

Once again, my life is about to change in such a drastic way that I can only describe it as: a new Chapter to a new volume of my life… and even though I’m about to look forward, I can’t help but look back to the road that has brought me this far to evaluate all that I’ve learnt.

Deciding to leave something special behind for my colleagues, I dug up every photo that I could find linked with the company and its employees and decided to scan all of them onto a compact disc.
Evolution never ceases to amaze, the only thing that you can truly be sure is that things eventually change… nothing truly ever stays the same. Uniforms change, furniture gets replaced, people come and go and most importantly: people and things change.

I’ve always believed in fate… now I simply have more faith in her.

Impatient by nature, it was incomprehensible to me how everything is meant to have timing. Why do tomorrow what you can do now?... Why not today?
To have faith in destiny is to respect her timing and know that she allows things to happen at their right moment with the least of effort… all you need is the courage to make the right change at that opportunity.

To move to Lisbon two years ago, or perhaps even a year ago… would’ve been a mistake. I know this now because I know the difference one year has made to the person I am, the way I think and the goals I’m fighting for... I wouldn’t have said this then, but I can say it now after a year of learning and evolution.

A year makes such a difference, two years, three years… I found an old e-mail on which I denied feelings a year ago that I would be perfectly capable of dealing with today… I needed time… we all need time, to evolve into better people.

Time of wait is a time to reap… my cousin has reminded me a million times that no time is truly stagnant, no matter how slow our pace is, we’re still taking steps… sometimes the most important one’s are those that you take slowly.
Determined to make progress, I never took the time to find the truth in her words… and it’s ironic that now when time is of the essence and I should be working at a fast pace, I finally learn to take things slow and savour every moment.

What’s the rush? Yesterday is gone and Tomorrow Never Comes…
All we really have is now and this moment.


F said...

It's sad to see you leave but I'm very happy for you and wish you all the best in the future.

Since its a big brand new chapter, its time to grow the tattoo as well?! :)

So when are we going to have the BBQ :)

Anonymous said...

Trust in your heart dear friend, and your choices can never go wrong.

Remember that i'm always here no matter how silent.

Love always

Chronis said...

Yesterday has already gone, it’s Past,
Tomorrow still haven’t arrived...
What’s important is Today, Now!
We only have to believe and to have faith!
Enormous kiss, lovely and dearest friend:)