Monday, July 24, 2006

Destination: Unimportant

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On every occasion there's a catch phrase that marks that moment forever.
Looking out into the sunset, I was asked a question I'd never been asked before:
“How many kisses have you given? And how many have you taken?”

But before you lose yourself in reminiscing… let me tell you about a day I most certainly will never forget:

I could tell you about the places I saw; Boca do Inferno, Farol Cabo das Rocas, Praia das Maças, Azenhas do Mar, Ericeira and the beautiful scenery to, from and all around these magical places…
But all I would be describing to you is what I saw, and what you see doesn't determine the magic… it's who you're with and how that makes you feel.
You could be standing at heaven's gate and it would mean nothing if you were standing there alone…

Life has a way of turning things around, of taking you places you never thought you'd see, getting you to do things you swore you’d never do and living moments you only dreamed of. While this all adds to the excitement and purpose of life, when it comes to people… the stakes are much higher.
You meet people you never thought existed, get along with characters you thought you’d never understand, fall in love with those that you warn your best friends against and find best friends with the people you thought you’d probably never get close to…

Unlikely friends…

That's what we were just a few months before. Not because of the differences in our personalities or life experiences but due to the circumstances that we met under.
Have you ever met someone, looked them in the eyes and knew that under different circumstances, the nature of your relationship with that person would be totally different?

To trust fate, is to know that life will bring about the opportunity for you to get to know a person at the level you first imagined you could reach.
What you do with that opportunity is your sole responsibility.
Sitting side by side with my new best friend, I was grateful for a higher power that knows better than me and keeps proving me wrong.
I somehow felt more relieved and confident about all my other friendships and future in general…

To look out at the ocean and strain to find the furthest point possible;
To contemplate on the waves and find perfection in each of their movements;
To watch from above the surface of the ocean and to know which current causes it's design.
To look up at a lighthouse and imagine the conversation that two friends would've had a hundred years ago.
To feel the breeze through your hair and not care how it messes it up.
To feel blessed by the heat of the sun on your skin.
To know that no other moment matters.

It felt good to sit on a wall and talk…
Happy Talk…
Sad Talk…
Naughty Talk…
General Talk…
No pressures or judgement,
Just talk and respect.
That’s how you know you've found a best friend.

Did you know that the albatross chooses one mate for life? He migrates and flies the equivalency of traveling around the world and he will come back to only that one mate and no other…
The things you learn with the people you know…
This is why we should choose our friends wisely:
They add the trimmings to the tree we become.

It is one thing to look at a person and imagine all the colours beneath their surface…
It is another thing to watch those colours come out.
It is one thing to trust someone,
It is another thing, to trust them with your heart.
When this happens, you know you've found a best friend.

I could tell you about the walk on the beach,
The country roads we drove on,
The seafood dinner with the exquisite wine
And euphoric feeling of a day well lived
But those are just moments…
That can be recreated and lived by anyone,
What matters most are the feelings,
Because those cannot ever be replicated or fabricated or lived at the same intensity by anyone else but those involved.
Some friendships are forbidden,
Some friendships don't make sense,
Looking at my new best friend’s face, I could tell that I wasn't the only one glad to have taken the chance.
I felt lucky to have found someone that understands me,
And blessed that on a Saturday night, I wasn't alone.

How many kisses have you given?
How many have you taken?

Would a stranger care to ask this question? No
But your friends would… they would want to know how
And you best friend would want to know why.

I wish I could paint a portrait of the places I saw, the beauty I witnessed…
I felt light… and happy… and inspired…
My worries and doubts melted away
My faith revived.
But none of this would I have felt,
If I hadn't a friend to share it with.


dreams said...

a friend is fruit of a choice...
it's a love option...
it's the discovery of your soul sister...

i think that this antoine saint exupèry's phrase is perfect...
"who discovered a friend discovered a treasure..."

a sweet kiss *

fieryfairy said...

a beautiful, poetic post
encapsulates friendship (and fate) perfectly

Storm said...

That´s what friends are for!

Lord of Erewhon said...

Madeira? Se sim... atirem daí o João Jardim ao mar!!