Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Strength of a Man

Recently joking around with two colleagues, I promised one of them that when I went to South Africa I'd bring her back a tall Rugby player.
Being Portuguese, her only complaint is that she’d be too small compared to the extra large Rugby Players that South Africa generally cultivates...
Laughing, I told her that she had to look at the benefits of having a tall man in which one of them was feeling safe in the arms of someone who envelopes you in his embrace.
“Safe?! Men can't even protect themselves let alone protect a woman!” she protested!
With my most serious posture, I reminded her that chickens and ostriches can’t fly but that doesn't make them any less birds than those that do!

It was funny at the time and my argument was that even though I believe that there are true men out there that are capable of embracing and enfolding a woman in love and care, I hadn’t had the privilege of meeting the one.

This wasn't a fair statement.

I've met more than one man worthy of being called a man even if he wasn’t the one I was meant to be with… but that isn’t a confession meant for play time between friends.
It had been quite a while since I'd met one though and I was beginning to lose hope…perhaps they had gone extinct after all, these days it seems that men have forgotten what it means to be a man.

Even though we laughed and goofed around with the topic, I was nonetheless pulled apart by the male present and told not to think that way. Explaining that I was merely joking around, deep down I knew that I’d already begun to lose hope.
And then the day came that our theories were put to the test, and for brief moments, I was reminded again what it feels like to feel safe and protected in a man's arms.

I believe.

I don't normally publish other people's work, instead I take the inspiration from what I see, hear and learn to write my own perspective. Yet I couldn't put the message you've read in the images above in better words. I would've liked to be able to honour these wise sayings with its author. I hope they touch you in the same way they touched me.

Love Always,


unresigned said...

I think i can guess with who that conversation took comments on that!

About you're beliefes, they're yours!!

I'm 30, i meat a lot of great guys and a lot of not so great. I don't even think we should waste time thinking about that, we aren't that different ( men and women ).

IceVsFire said...

...capable of embracing and enfolding a woman in love and care .i handnt had the privilige of meeting one....Duhhh e Eu !!!!
Ok admito k o gajos k sao gajos tao em vias de extiçao eu propio na me tenho sentido nada bem ... mas eve haver mais alguns...ok na devem ser exatamnte cm eu mas devem andar la perto.... e mais cedo ou mais tarde acaba por sempre por aparecer donde menos se espera...ouve Love Hides dos doors...tipo o jim ate sabe umas coisinhas sobre estas cenas...ouve e depois diz kalker coisa!!
Fika bem!!

Storm said...

Whats this about comparing men to chickens?!
If porra men dont know how to embrace a woman, us SA manne will get the job done!
Your problem is that your always the one comforting some or other chap instead of finding a man to comfort you? When are you going to stop playing mother Teresa, if you want to play mother find a real man to make you some kids.

Lord of Erewhon said...

They are not SO tall! I´m taller! :)=