Monday, July 20, 2009

First Sushi meal

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As a birthday gift to his mother, my better half decided to take us out to try out Japanese food at a restaurant in Lisbon called Osaka.
This was also a first for me and I’ll have do admit I was pretty excited to try something I’d been meaning to try for a long time.
At first when I walked in, it felt as if I’d walked into an ordinary Chinese restaurant – the porcelain and general decoration had the same oriental feel and the waitresses looked so alike that the only reason you knew you weren’t in a Chinese restaurant was the fact that there weren’t the red balloon like lamps hanging on the outside.
As I sat down I grinned as I saw the chopsticks – I’d learnt how to use them on my first visits to the Chinese restaurant but I hadn’t used them in a while.
Underneath the chopsticks was a little porcelain block which I figured was meant to hold the chopsticks however the tiny side dish on the side was new to me and the only thing I could figure the saucer was meant for was to keeps olive pips.
I was later embarrassed to find out that it had nothing do with pips; the saucer was in fact used to hold soya sauce for you to dip your food in.
On contrary to my belief, very little of what we ate was raw – in fact most of it was grilled and some things fried.
I loved the whole algae wrap concept and was impressed at the complex sushi rolls they made. There was stuff made with prawns, salmon, cuttlefish, tuna and even chicken.
I love the fact that you can put something in your mouth, close your eyes and try guess what’s all in it – There were no nasty surprises, all the stuff we tried was simply wonderful.
All except the sake – it’s the one notorious thing we tried that none of us liked. It tastes like white wine mixed with salt and water! Next time I’ll try the green tea!
Oh - And I still know how to work my chopsticks!

Obrigado Amor


Luis Sardinha said...

I only realize that was also your first time in the restaurant (I'm shore that you told me).

It was a great pleasure to offer you all this experience.

Sunshine said...

There´s a couple of other things I haven´t tried yet... i´m counting on your colaboration! Hehehe...

nflopes said...

I good to know that went well, myself i finally tried it 2 years ago, and still not sure what went wrong but i got a hell of a stomachache, guess was one of the roll's that i remember that felt like eating that kind of leafs that kind of stick you with all that micro "needles".
...chopsticks? me... still trying!!

Sunshine said...

You probably didn´t order right (luckily I went with someone with experience) I didn´t like their spring roll so much - prefer the spring roll at the chinese. But there was other stuff that was really good. You need another try out and that includes the chopsticks, it´s not that difficult once you get the hang of it!