Thursday, July 30, 2009


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These days the publicity on recycling has become aggressive.
With the amount of information that is out there, there’s no excuse to get it wrong.
Even children have been programmed to make you feel guilty if you throw out something recyclable with the normal trash.
However, I often question myself at the efficiency of the whole system seeing as I still see very few products with the label indicating that it was made from recycled material.Where are the recycled goods going and which companies are making use this?
I’ve heard rumours that not all the trash we put in the recycling bins is actually being recycled so I’m curious to how exactly is our effort being put to good use.

Being firm believers and recycling devotees at home, we own a relatively large trashcan that consists of three bins to facilitate the separating and see to it that our recycling duty is done – we do this in belief that we’re making a difference to help the environment.
It is this desire and belief that persuaded us to start recycling old appliances as well.
Worten has been advertising that everyone should hand in their old appliances at any of their stores to be properly disposed of and recycled.
After buying a new keyboard for our computer we decided that the right thing to do was hand in the old one at a Worten store and so we took it with us to Vasco da Gama.
There are no bins or advertising in the store to where this equipment should be handed in.
I asked one of the attendants to refer-me to where I should drop off the old equipment and was told that I should report to the complaints counter.
If perhaps the complaints counter was empty that day, I wouldn’t feel the need to write this post but as is normal in a big store such as Worten, the counter was full!
I took a peek at the next ticket and realised that if I was to take one I’d have to wait behind approximately 10 people in front of me.
I put on my best smile and apologetically interrupted one of the girls behind the counter.
“I´m sorry, I´m not here to complain and I only want to hand in my old keyboard so could I just leave this here with you”
It´s not like I had forms to fill out! And yet I was told very sympathetically that i´d have to take a ticket and wait in line.
Are you kidding me?!
Instead of throwing it out with the normal trash, I make the effort of bringing my old equipment to the store so that it can be recycled and I have to wait in a long complaints line?!
I was about to make my way to the nearest trashcan when my better half came with a better idea.
He took the keyboard from my hands put it on top of the complaints counter and retorted: “Here you go, I’m leaving this keyboard here – if you want to you can recycle it and if you don’t want to, go ahead and throw it out with the trash.”
We left satisfied that we’d done our public duty.

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Clairvoyant said...

Service is getting worse everywere you go. Whether it's at a store or a restaurant, it's rare to find good employees, people that really care about what they do for a living. Most, especially the younger ones, I find to be there only waiting for the 30th of every month to cash in, so screw the rest.

Allow me to tell you about my wednesday night. I had 3 friends over for dinner. With me and the wife we were 5 in all. A nice number to me. I rarely handle more than 5 or 6 in a group, people tend to break into smaller groups, so whats the point? I like to talk to all my guests and give equal amounts of attention so that everyone enjoys the event and no one feels left out.

We had a simple but very tasty dinner, with soft music and a dimm light, at our pace, no hassles, no waiting, no complaints to frown faced waiters, talked about anything we pleased with no one ease droping, made as much noise as we wanted. It wasnt at all expensive and we eat and drank to our hearts content.

Of corse I like going out once in a while, but with 2 that can handle food as me and my wife, why bother? In the end, everyone gave a hand clearing the table, and the blessed invention that is the washing machine took care of the rest.

This is because as I get older, I tend to lack the patience to put up with lousy service and avoid it every time I get the chance. My free time is less now, and I don't allow myself to put up with others malcontent. I respect my leisure time too much. Of corse you can't avoid getting upset once in a while. Someone will eventually pass some bad vibes to you, but any time I can avoid confrontations, thats my bid.

I must congratulate your better halfs attitude. It was soft and firm at the same time, and avoided needless sour words. You're there Luis, thats the way to go. You got rid of your problem and basicly delegated on someone that wasn't even your subordinate :)

I must remmember that solution when something similar occurs to me.