Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Simply Feeling

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I hate being misunderstood.
It’s one thing to argue your point of view and have the other side disagree with you –
it’s an exchange of thought.
It’s another thing to open up your heart and let someone know how you feel and they simply refuse to understand you.
It makes you want to knock out their teeth and slap them silly until they get the fact that what you’re telling them isn’t what you’ve chosen to feel but how you genuinely feel about the subject.
People change their minds all the time about the things they think about,
but feelings – you don’t choose and pick new ones.
They are what they are and they can only change with time and circumstances and therefore they are meant to be respected even if you don’t agree with them.
Only thoughts should be argued – and even a change of thought doesn’t guarantee a change of feelings on a particular subject.
Frustrating –
to the point where you stop trying to make that other person understand,
some people just don’t want to.
Hurtful –
to the point where you feel you’re feelings aren’t important enough for that person to try and understand where you’re coming from.

It feels so good to write, it feels great to dedicate my time to the things I love –
I’ve made a pledge to myself this summer to invest more in the things that make me happy.

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Clairvoyant said...

You and your pledges... :) ok, keep it up, don't worry and be happy.
Fortunatly I've almost forgotten what it is to have someone not paying attention to you when you pour your heart out. One big advantage of living with someone that loves you for real.

But I still recall the feeling of comming close to squezing someone's neck until they turn blue in similar situations.

It's the price to pay for human rights: even dorks deserve a friend, in spite that sometimes their sensitive vein is dried and shriveled.