Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Price of a Call

The Price of a Call

To celebrate its 5 million clients, TMN decided that today all calls would inside her network would be for free causing quite an overload on the network!

What is the price of a call? I suppose it depends on the destination you’re calling, the network you’re using, the tariff you’re on and how long you intend on making that call.
In my line of work, my job is to analyse all of the above and make sure that my client gets the best deal for his profile of traffic. Yes people, I get paid to make sure you get the better deal each time you call from your cell phone.

However… to me, the true price of a call isn’t measured in Euros but in the words that are exchanged in that time frame.
Some people talk and talk but say absolutely nothing. You hear their voices and understand their language but end off the conversation realising that you’ve gotten nothing constructive of what was said. These are what I consider to be oxygen thieves and sound polluters! They are usually the people that I start off the conversation with “Sorry about the other day, my battery went dead”

And then there are those that call you just when you need them the most. One particular person has managed to rescue me from myself more than once this week. First he called me at the airport just as I was about to start feeling sorry for myself. Not only was I given a good dose of support and good humour but he managed to bring out the naughty smile as well. To make sure that the sun would be shining the next day, he called me just as I was getting out of bed to wish me a good morning and to once again make sure that I didn’t despair due to the day before. A phone call at work can be just what the doctor ordered when needing to recharge those batteries; and what better way to start the weekend when getting that surprise call as you’re leaving the office.

To those of you tired of travelling and who still need to make that half an hour car trip home, you’ll be happy to know that your car kit can help you make that trip shorter. If you voice programme your phone, all you have to do is call out the name of that person you wish you were sitting next to and their voice will accompany you through to wherever you need to go. Closing my eyes, I could see Lisbon by night as was described to me and I could almost see myself sitting in that car talking to the driver. During those twenty five minutes, neither of us were alone, we connected together by TMN.

How much did it cost?... €0,79 on the given tariff
What was it worth?,,, Priceless!

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