Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Perseverance Conquers

Perseverance Conquers


Some guys just don’t know when to quit!
Three weeks ago whilst out with my friends I met the most persistent Taurus I’ve ever met! You’d think some guys can take a hint… but no… not this one!
This Taurus pretty much jammed his foot in the door and simply won’t leave!
On a night out with friends, I was mighty content to fill the emptiness in my heart with alcohol accompanied with a complementary smile. Happy to simply be around friends, the last thing I was expecting was to be hit on by a smooth talking charmer in a navy shirt… Slightly amused and even flattered at first, I noticed the cute dimples on both sides and the eyes of someone who was interested.
However, it took about the time it takes for a song to take over my soul to forget about those hands that sought me out on the dance floor.
Moving from one club to another, I thought I’d lost him somewhere among the crowd… probably to some easier girl that didn’t give him that much trouble…
Imagine my surprise when I turn around and there was Mr. Persistent himself, not only was he there in my space but he made it quite clear that he was interested in than more than my attention.
Cat and Mouse – He asked for it!
Enough playtime before things get too serious… just before I tell him about the boyfriend: screwing up his chances of seeing me the next day…
Soft touch, sensual lips and a good dose of charm… what harm could a little TLC do? Especially from someone who gave it so willingly… I was beginning to enjoy it too… until I foresaw that defining kiss that took things to another level…
That’s when I turned my back to find that friend I haven’t seen in a long time… And there he was, as if summoned… smiling and as willing to catch up on old times as I was.
There I did it! He’s gone… or is he?
It wasn’t long before I was pulled away from my friend and reminded that bulls don’t give up that easily… not only was he bull-headed but he also managed to pin me into a sitting position that made it nearly impossible to get up without falling into him.
Uh Oh… now I’ve done it! I’ve attracted a leech!!!
Not only was he not taking a hint but he didn’t believe me about the boyfriend either.
“Where’s your boyfriend now?”
Where should he be if he wasn’t with me at that precise moment? - Lisbon!
I congratulated myself on my quick thinking considering my senses were being assaulted by a very sensual kiss to the neck. Where once he was simply breathing, he now dared to take lips where his warm breath had left a trail.
Irresistible… but coming from the wrong source!
I began wondering how I’d gotten myself into that precise mess!
“Hey!!! Hands off to what doesn’t belong to you!!!”
Yes - he ignored my protests flat!!!
I searched “big brother” for an SOS… but he sat near my side amused by my predicament and none too willing to offer any help.
Tired of dodging determined lips, I decided to give the guy a solid ditch by telling him to go chase another skirt!
“You see that girl over there… she wants your beef, go get her!”
That didn´t work either, in fact… I had to ask help from my friends to get unlocked and up from my seat or he wouldn’t let go.

After that night, I thought I was left with no more than mere photos to remind me of him when I was surprised with one of those original e-mails that you don’t read everyday:
“Hello Honey, boyfriend from Lisbon here – just to let you know that I’ve met that guy you met the other night and he seems like a pretty cool person. So anytime you feel you want to go out to movies with him; just so you know that it’s okay by me”

At first I was speechless! None of my friends had given him my number, e-mail or any other contact. He simply took it upon himself to find me on the net and get my e-mail address off my blog. Two points to the man, one for persistence the other for originality. After much deliberation, I felt he deserved some kind of response even though I had little intention of going out with him so I replied with:

“Hello boyfriend, didn´t realise you changed your e-mail addy. Yeah, I kinda thought that guy was pretty cute and sweet. Maybe I will consider hooking up with him one night, too bad I didn´t get his number”

The response consisted of nine digits.

I must’ve lost them when I changed phones. Truth is I can barely recall what I ate yesterday much less remember to call that guy I met three weeks ago. I guess I’d have to rely on destiny to run into him again…
I guessed wrong.... Waiting for me in my inbox was the following message:

“Hi, as are the terms in my contract of being a persistent guy, I just had to give it another shot at asking you out for coffee.”

And just to add the cherry on top of one unrelenting cake… he also gave me the address to a newly founded blog he wrote with his friend that kicked off with an entry called “Oops… I did it again” A piece dedicated to the best brush offs given by men and women. I ticked off the list, one by one realising that I gave the poor guy every brush off in the book. It was when I got to number seven that I realised that he wasn’t giving up so easily. Persistence, originality, intelligence, charm and pure determination… Some guys don’t come close to earning as much credits. So to this last e-mail I could only respond:



Chronis said...

Amen to that!!!
When, where and how?
I just as tou this, my friend: Why not?

Chronis said...

Amen to that!!!
When, where and how?
I just ask you this, my friend: Why not?

Laura said...

kida, nao sei kem é mais teimoso, se os touros ou os arianos, mas presumo que te vais divertir imenso a descobrir :))

Ele merece uma oportunidade e tu tambem! Kem sabe nao ficas realmente surpreendida?!?!

Jinhos e diverte-te

Anonymous said...

sometimes life has wonderful ways to make us alive! should I say - go for it? or... be careful? U decide sweetie! some guys get all the luck! KKK W

The Bull said...

Well......first i must thank you for giving such a detailed description,i´ll use it to erradicate some flaws,second if there is games that i love to play Cat&Rat is one of my favourites...with time i understand that the objective it isnt catch the rat but trap him...
third if u really wanted to get rid of me u just had to hit me with a chair ,table or bottle until i was K.O. ....that usually works....forth dont try to understand me ,my reasons or the way i think...some people live for glory,others for money or power...i live for fun and challenge..fifth LICH!!!! common u could call me other names...for example bat ...does the same thing but its much cooler ....

Anonymous said...

sorry sugar but u don't know me and nither do i know u...but i know that taurus u talked about...honestly u must think u're something special...did u ever tought he wasnt folloing u?? after all funchal isnt that big..u could just meet...but anyways what tha hell u want i read it and honestly do u like him or not...cuz if u didn't u could simply smack him..and u are a very confused chick...well thats all keep it real

nflopes said...

mmm well... life a game, just make shure you play the rigth cards!!!

Luisa Singer said...

I know you both and I must say that I´m really curious about round 2. A taurus and an aries, isn´t it a perfect combination? lool so perfect it might just work. I was being sarcastic I know, but, I couldn´t find another way to express myself in this matter. what I have to say really is that I really wish something comes out of that early friendship, beginning of something, cause I love you both and I have the best thoughts of the two of you. one thing more... I wanna be the best made!!!!

Brisky said...

Guess you already know my opinion, still I'm gooing to remind you; That was really no my kind of aproach, and I think girls should be given more space( I loose a lot with this), even though the guy is persistent, I believe he used wrong moves, well that's just not me, but then again it wasn't me, you liked it! Good 4 U. :P
Man give her some time to think! Be natural, not forced!
Since she's a flower, you don't want to break one her petals right on the first enconter.... Think about it.