Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I am Woman

I am Woman

I love being a woman.
For the simple fact that I can walk away from pain. Shedding hurt like a battered skin and walking away with rejuvenated strength much tougher than ever before.
I love being a woman
I woke up this morning and breathed. I didn’t have to give myself a speech, tell myself to get out of bed or even search for my strength… it was simply there, with me, under the covers, waiting for me to conjure it.
I simply love being a woman.
Taking time choosing my clothes, feeling the soft material against my body, brushing my hair slowly and applying my make up with care; I looked in the mirror and chose to bring out the tough woman in me. That woman that takes on the world, which faces all obstacles and still feels sexy while doing it.
I love the things that make me feel like a woman.
For the fact that I can feel absolutely powerful when I wear those secret underwear, those high-heeled shoes or those secret stockings attached to a garter belt only known to me.
I thrive in the pure passion of being a woman.
When I feel the strength in me fading, this heroine, this woman comes to me with absolute confidence. She heals my heart with the sweetest words and gives strength to my soul. I therefore give full order to the woman in me.
I allowed her to take control of my senses, dominate my energies and reign supreme… this woman, this courageous and strong being that keeps me afloat after every storm is more than just my heroine, she’s the very essence of who I am.
I love the sensations and emotions that make up the woman in me.
This creature with insatiable imagination, soft silk touch and as strong as leather… carries within her endless love, fiery passion, sharp instincts, uncontrollable desires and the ability to paint life in all the colours of the rainbow.
Part loving, part passion, part motherly, part friend… peel off my layers and you will find right at the core…
….the woman in me.


Chronis said...

Well... Let's see... Hum... Here goes nothing ;)
A legend says that in the begin of the World, when God decided to create the Woman, he saw that he had depleted all the solid materials in the Man and he didn’t have more of the one than to make use. Ahead of this dilemma and after a deep meditation, he made this: He caught the rounded form of the moon, the soft curves of waves, the tender tack of bromelias, the tremble movement of leves, the light form of palm, the delicate nuance of flowers, the lover look of the hart, the joy of the sun ray and the drops of the clouds cry, the capricious of the wind and the allegiance of the dog, the shyness of the turtle and the vanity of the peacock, the smoothness of swan feathers and the hardness of the diamond, the sweetness of the dove and the cruelty of the tiger, the ardor of fire and the couldness of the snow. He mixed so different ingredients, it formed the Woman and it gave it to the Man.
After one week the man came and said to Him:
- Sir, the creature who gave to me makes me insatisfied:
- She wants all my attention,
- She never leaves me alone,
- She speaks without stopping,
- She cries without a reason,
- She has fun in making me suffer...
- I come to return it because I CANNOT LIVE WITH HER!
"Well...", God answered and caught in the Woman.
Another week was passed, the man came back and said to Him:
- Sir, I meet alone very since I returned the creature that you made for me, it sang and played by my side, looked at me with tenderness and her look was sweet, she laugh and her laugh was music, she was pretty of seeing and soft to tact. Return her to me, because I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT HER!!!

Should I Tell U? said...

Ahhhhh, It really does feel good to be a woman, thats the main reason some guys like me turn gay. Its good to wake up like you do, and feel things that most men cant. Its a great feeling, and i love it.
Part man, Part woman, I love them both.

Anonymous said...

So you chosen to let go, hum... nice to know your other side; can I call it dark side? I just remember there is a song just like that... I call it dark not after the song but, cos I know nothing about it, so it's still mysterious ;)
Should I be afraid? So many years in captivity... maybe a little devil is on the loose now. (6)
Anyhow I have a question; did you let loose only in words, or will you bring it when you visit us?.. We'll see... now I'm teasing you, but I must congratulate you, not many women can put those feelings to words, and normally show them not in the best way not in the right time... you managed to do it... Just fine.

For all sweetness still inside... a big kiss. :*


Sheara Camacho said...

Loved this one, sort of a summary of what it is to be a person of the Female gender!