Saturday, November 18, 2006

Basic Insinct... Too.

In the last week alone, the visits to my blog have doubled?!!
With more people reading, I'm well aware that I should be more careful with what I write… My concern is such that I confess that I thought twice about writing this entry (once about writing it and another time about what picture to add to it)

Basic Instinct… Too.

Who hasn't yet seen the movie? I've yet to meet a male who doesn't know the whole cross legged scene by Sharon Stone. In fact, try reminding a guy of it… instant drool appears as they replay the whole scene in their heads… at least twice!

And speaking of two's… Today I caught up with my movie trivia and the choice of the evening was: Basic Instinct 2.
I don't know who wrote or who directed the movie but whoever did is nothing short of genius. The psychological suspense is grueling. It will leave you with some serious trust issues and a deep desire to either kill someone or have wild sex.

Who killed who? Was it the Cop? Was it the Journalist or was it the Shrink? One thing is for sure: They all had sex with the blonde Novelist. And not just regular sex; the heated, thrilling, exciting… dangerous kind.

Recently I read on someone's blog that the misconception that you can't make love and have sex with the same person, still exists.
What?! You're kidding me right?!
No wonder people get bored with each other… they're always going about it at the same speed!
The way I see it sometimes you put your soul into it and others you put in your hormonal drive and sometimes you can even mix the two.
Creativity is the name of the game, when two people love and trust each other why not take each other to the limits?

I took note of one particular scene in the movie for future reference:
The guy had the girl from behind and at one point, one hand moved from her hip to her head. He first caressed her cheek just before tugging at her hair and pulling her towards him with his other arm which had slid under her breasts.
This is one of those: you-really-should-try-this-at-home stunts.

Last week as I had lunch with a good friend of mine we swapped notes on this particular subject. Some ideas merely involved props: food, toys, lingerie… the accessories. Others involved more acrobatic positions.
He explained to me that in one in particular, her knees are either placed by her ears or on his shoulders allowing for a much deeper penetration and closer interaction.
Hmmm… I can think of a couple more variations to that one…

Sometimes you take it slow…
Other times you pick up speed…
It's a question of the mood and not the person you with.
One night I'm on top, next night you can be on top…
Or better yet… we wrestle for it!
Let's try something lacy… something silky… something soft.
Something red… something white… something black.
The way I see it, there are more uses to scarves than having them around your neck.
When you have someone that you love and trust, then there shouldn't be any reason why you can't give life to your fantasies.


Anonymous said...

You kinky Sunshine!... that's the way!

Anonymous said...

Any? Give life? Promises, promises... KKK W

Storm said...

Right on Sunshine!

Luis said...

Adoro essa mulher é ousadia pura.

Anonymous said...

Adorei o post migolas. Spice your mind!!! Hehehe ;)