Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sorry but No

Photosource: Harvey Edwards

There are many ways to dish out rejection. For someone who doesn't want to hurt another person, it isn't an easy task. So we develop mechanisms, tricks and manipulative techniques to let another person down easy without them even realizing they're hearing the big “NO”
Over the years, I've become so good at it… so good that the other party thinks that they're doing me a favour by “letting me go”.

Until today I was convinced that I was the Queen of Rejection, imagine my surprise to discover that someone else does it better than I do!!!
It takes one to know one… I couldn't help but smile as I recognized some of the techniques I've used myself.
Had it been a live show, I would've applauded and the only reason I didn't congratulate the person is because I would've broken down the whole act.

It's really not that hard… first you adopt the see no evil, hear no evil, read no evil concept. That way, what they thought you might've understood, really was supposed to pass you by.
Then you reassure the person that nothing's changed and that everything it has always been, that way they don't feel the weight of having to explain anything to you.
If things get tough, you make sure that you remind them that they can do so much better than you.
Eventually they give up and you're off Scott free.
Nobody hurt.
They can send you a thank-you note when they marry the person of their dreams.

If things happen exactly the way they're supposed to… and you know it… why do they still have the capacity to leave you miserable?

I'm all in favour of preserving people's feelings but there are days I dispense the diplomacy and the “nice” way about it.

Annoyed with myself.

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Storm said...

Youre going to be annoyed with me as well but as your friend I have the responsibility to let you have it:

1.You cant protect the world from getting hurt.

2. Just because someone doesnt feel for you the way you do for them doesnt mean they dont care about you a lot.

3. For the all the courage, confidence and intelligence you have, you sure as hell give yourself a pretty hard time!

One day some guy is going to grab you by both your wrists and make you face the heat and he wont be "diplomatic" about it. On that dya the running must stop.