Sunday, November 26, 2006

You were Saying?

Photosource: Unknown

On my way to work this week, I saw one of those scenes that you only expect to see in the movies…
Right outside Telepizza, a couple was arguing about something or other with very little importance. How do I know it was of little importance?
Because just before I passed them, the guy grabbed the girl by the elbows and ended the argument with a kiss.
I was so flabbergasted that instead of continuing on my way, I actually stopped to stare.
Somewhere in their thirties, they weren’t exactly bickering teenagers still learning about love and relationships...
As they pulled away from the kiss, they both smiled at each other and she put her arms around him as if to say “You're right, this isn't worth arguing over”
Shocked… Amazed… and deliriously happy that there's still magic in the love that people feel for one another, I couldn't help but be influenced from positive vibes that radiated from them.
Fighting the temptation to interrupt and ask the guy if he had a younger brother; getting bumped by an umbrella reminded me that I was clogging traffic and so I made my way through to work with a smile on my face.
There's still hope!

There are days I lose faith…
Days in which nothing makes sense; and I can't catch the signs that tells me that everything is going to be okay.
Nights in which I long for that warm body to fill that empty space in my bed.
I find myself alone and scared, wondering if all my hopes are nothing more than figments of a fertile imagination.
Wondering why I still haven't found what I'm looking for… or why it hasn't found me.
I search my heart for insurance and it gives me none… only that faint hope that refuses to die and makes a believer out of me.
Love is so scarce these days; it's hard to find anyone who still believes.
Anyone who will fight for it;
Defend it;
And keep it from slipping away.
I want to let go… Live without it.
But something stronger and wiser than me holds on.
It's that voice from inside that reminds me that it's the one true reason worth living for.
On the days that I think I've given up…
Strangers remind me that I'm still a believer.


Anonymous said...

Thank U, sweetie! U have company, always! U R not alone! Love is in the air, in so many ways! Love is also to live by two what no one else does or did or knows! Love ya! KKK W

Storm said...

Hopeless romantic! :)