Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bring on the New Year!

Photosource: Sunshine

It's early but I already have a glass of wine in my hand; this year I can't wait to drown the “old man”…
I wish you could see the way the sun sparkles silver on top of the ocean’s blue surface… in the harbour seven ships are docked and ready for the evening’s big event and all around you can feel the energy of excitement bustling from every home.
The sky is clear blue, there isn't a cloud in sight and I contemplate, as I do every year… the year that I'm about to leave behind.

It's been a tough year…
There have been good moments but too few to remember;
This year, I long to leave the old year behind.
I didn't achieve half of the goals I set out for 2006; yet I feel that I got more out of it that I was expecting.
I grew, I matured and I'm a richer person for it.
Looking back, I find a different person to the person I was, a year ago;
It's amazing the difference a year can have on a person…

This year my resolutions are different and I honestly haven't figured out whether this year’s decision is a step back or a step forward.
While some call it quitting, giving up or letting go…
Others considering the maturity of knowing when to settle…
Don't ask me… because I'm not sure; all I know is that I've made the decision.
I'm coming home…
Back to the island which I considered my cage and now see as my haven.
Whether an act of wisdom or an act of stupidity, it´s my decision and I refuse anyone´s opinion... the consequences are mine to bear and therefore I dispense outside influence.

On the only night of the year where I eat raisons… 12 to be exact, I'm going to ask fate for something different this year…
For 2007 all I want is peace of mind... good music and a lot of dancing!
All I want to remember of 2006 are the people that made my heart smile and the year bearable.

The sun is setting... and with it the last light of 2006.
I'm grateful for my laptop and digital camera that allows me to share my last sunset of 2006 with all of you.
For all the people I most care about; I wish a year of Joy, Laughs, Smiles and above all lots of Love!...
Be happy people… if you're happy, I'm happy too.


unresigned said...

I told you before and i'll say it again: i back you up in any decision, because it's yours to take.

So, if the decision is to go back to Madeira, I'm 100% on your side.

I'll miss you but I'll be happier if you are happier!!

Have a great 2007!! Big kiss!

Storm said...

Happy New Year!
Why back to Madeira? Why not back to South Africa?
Either way, I don´t think you´re certain about this decision so rethink it.
Use your heart in dealing with others and your head in dealing with yourself, is this the right decision for you?
Got your back no matter what.

Sunshine said...

Unresigned: Thank-You, your support means a lot to me! :)

Storm: South Africa has become the home that no longer belongs to me, I know you understand. I appreciate the words of wisdom though i´ll admit that I don´t know whether it was my head or my heart that got me here... does it matter?