Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Reiki (Hands on Healing)

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In two of the most intense days of my life, I was taught and retaught the art of Reiki. For those of you who don’t know what it is, I strongly suggest some research on the subject.

It isn’t a religion… It isn’t a cult or an esoteric practice…
It’s a science that any and all can do.

I call it the art of connecting to the universe’s energy source in order to heal your own.
And if you so choose to be a channel of that energy… you can heal just about anyone.
It's isn't about curing diseases though that could be one of the side affects… it’s about fixing the energy that surrounds a person.

Energy… everything in the world is made of it including the human being. If you keep that concept in mind, Reiki becomes an easy concept to grasp.
Consider the way you’re influenced by your surroundings. How many times have you been influenced by the energy surrounding you?
The atmosphere of a certain place?
Or the mood of the person near to you?
If you consider that the energy you step into influences your own then it’s easier to accept that you too can influence your own energy.
If that is true than why do we have so much trouble staying positive and are prone to “bad phases”… it’s the unconscious programming and Reiki teaches you how to reprogram your thoughts… your own energy.

“If you want to change the world, change yourself”

If you consider that life is a question of perspective, then how you choose to look at it plays a big role on how it will influence you.
Quit using negatives… Never… No… won’t… can’t… don’t…
Easier said than done… most difficult is to take consciousness of our own programming errors.

“Taking consciousness is the hardest part, once you’ve gotten that part right, the rest becomes easier”…

Program your own mind… Feel your body… Get in touch with your soul… Listen with your heart… Set your spirit Free.

What I loved most about this course, besides the group, the energy, the lessons and the cute teacher… was that the concepts were of the most basic.
No mambo jumbo…
No “take my Word for it, believe and have faith”
I was explained the basics and the science behind the practice.
Reiki makes sense if you research the theory behind it..

Not being a complete novice to the energy theorem, there were things I was merely retaught. However, I learnt certain things that readjusted my perspective hence changing drastically my vision on my life. What I learnt made all the difference:

According to Reiki, we have four types of baggage:
Recent Baggage: The stuff that happened not too long ago that we’re still working through (until maybe two or three years before the current date)
Adolescent Baggage: The traumas of puberty
Childhood Baggage: The traumas and bad programming during childhood
Genetic Baggage: The stuff you inherit from birth, and for those who so believe… the Baggage from other lives.

The older the Baggage… the harder to deal and work through. And the crappy thing about this kind of Baggage is that it sits in the centre of your soul like the eye of a thick onion… you can’t get to it without working through the other layers of simpler baggage.

To me this wasn’t a new concept, what was added to this concept is what brought tears to my eyes…
Doesn’t it piss you off when an issue you thought you dealt with comes back to haunt you? Guilt and an overwhelming sense of frustration invades you as you blame yourself to letting something you supposedly dealt with, bother you again.
Feelings of weakness and failure… not only do you have to deal with the issue again but the fact that you’re once again dealing with it, becomes an additional issue.

I fought to suppress the tears as my teacher told me that the fact that I deal with the same issue twice or more doesn’t mean I failed the first time around.
The fact is that certain issues go deep and affect you in different ways. In one phase of life it may affect you in a certain way; you deal with it and then move on.
At another stage of your life it may attack you again… for a different reason, from a different angle and you’re forced to once again work through it.
The most flagrant example I can think of is death:
Someone dies and you work through to get over it and you do. Two years later you may cross someone that reminds you of the deceased, or someone else dies, or something happens in your life that involves them and suddenly their death attacks you again from a different angle… you’re forced to deal with something you’d worked through before.

What I loved most about our teacher… besides the warmth and light that radiated from him… was the simplicity and humanity about him.
Here’s someone who isn’t sitting on an unattainable high stool. Instead he was someone I could easily have coffee with, talk with and share daily challenges.
“We’re only human, forgive who you were yesterday. Accept who you are today and know that you can and will do better tomorrow”
It makes the process of self-enlightenment easier… with less pressure upon yourself.

I could tell you about chakras, breathing, meditation, energy flow and articulations but it’s something that research will teach you better than I can…
If you press on the title or if you search on the links, you’ll find the source of the path that’s brought me to this entry. If I could I’d teach the world Reiki, I’d teach everyone to heal themselves and the people around them and convince each and every individual to take the course that I did.
Ask me… I’ll share with you everything I know.

Reiki – The art of synchronizing with the universe’s energy in order to heal your own…. Heal others… and even make a difference in your surroundings… in the world.
It takes more than mind… it takes heart… it takes soul… and it takes trust…
I’m working on the latter.

Reiki won't keep you from falling… you will fall… its part of working through the onion layers. Reiki just makes the healing process a hell of a lot easier.

Does it really work?
I’ll let you know the differences felt after 21 days… (Self Therapy)
However if you ever felt the mystical power of a heartfelt hug then Reiki is only another form of transmitting the love and care that it takes to make someone else heal.

I strongly recommend it and I appreciate volunteers in which to practice on!
Call me up... we can book a session!


Storm said...

Admit it Sunshine, you were just looking for an excuse to put your hands on someone! :P
PS. I volunteer so sign me up for a session

unresigned said...

É bom ver-te assim entusiasmada!

I could use some healing too :)

fieryfairy said...

I would love to try reiki and i could definitely do with some healing too

i like the onion theory of our baggage, it is very accurate. your post has made me realise I need to think some things through more carefully

** sean paul** said...

Passei para dar um beijinho!!!
E desejar te um bom fim de semana!!!