Friday, February 16, 2007

Golden Arrow Aim Award


Working in quality I've learnt an important lesson:
Don't only focus on what went wrong.
Cupid may need practice but it doesn't mean the little brat is incompetent; in some cases he can be pretty good at what he does (otherwise someone would've fired him by now!)
And this year’s Golden Arrow Aim Award goes to…

The Three Hour Drive

Worse than having Cupid fail on Valentine’s Day is the phone calls from your friends which he came through for, this call though managed to restore my faith in Cupid’s potential.
Shortly after midnight I got the call that earned the award. Not only do I consider this story to be worth the award, I'm mostly chuffed about the two people that it involved.
Cupid… you still manage to get some things right!
So what happened?
A certain someone took the day off and a three hour drive just to surprise and spend the day with his Valentine. He didn't get the roses but he scored with the following winning phrase:
“The trip down here is worth seeing the smile on your face”

Who wouldn't want to spend the special day with someone who truly wants to spend it with you?!
Someone who had a 6am shift the following morning and yet stayed until midnight.

Impressed! So much so that I couldn't resist sending Mr. Valentine a sms to inform him that he'd just gone up 50 points in my books!

While I'm the first to agree that Valentine’s has become a commercialized day and that any other day is a good day to surprise someone you love… the truth of the matter is that I agree with any excuse to create a special moment be on whichever day of the year.


Anonymous said...

Quando falares com ele novamente pede para disparar umas setinhas por este lado, e já agora para esses lados também, não é ??

Sunshine said...

Parece-me que ele até tem mais sucesso na Madeira... vou já mandar-lo para ai! Aqui só mesmo no dia dos namorados, agora já despenso os esforços dele :P

Storm said...

So it seems porra men arent as so unromantic as you complain.

Sunshine said...

Uhm... actually Mr Valentine happens to be a Luso South African

Storm said...

I rest my case! Come back Sunshine!

Anonymous said...

You wonder if all the efford made, is rewarded in the end...or just forgotten in as if it never happened...

Sunshine said...

Good memories are never forgotten, they´re kept in the hearts of those who live them...
Sometimes you just have to give it your all and pray for the best.