Thursday, February 01, 2007

Moonlight Confessions

Picturesource: Unknown

I stare at a full moon and ponder the thoughts that keep me awake…
I recall that most of the past moments in which I contemplated the moon this full were restless… unstable and often intense.
Tonight I don't feel any of those things…
I stare at an empty sky where the moon stares back at me on his lonesome and I couldn't be calmer.
Tonight Sunshine and Moonlight keep each other company.

I could swear the moon is smiling at me!
I smile back.

The alchemist came past me today and blew me with a handful of magical sands.
Time stood still and I was permitted to play in my dreams.
He led me through a diamond sky to a calm lake lit to life by the full moon.
Removing the clothes bound to my body, I slid into the cool waters of the lake and let go…
I let go of my thoughts…
Set free my mind, my heart and my spirit.
And as I did so…I smiled and giggled and loved wholeheartedly.
The moment is mine.
I floated upon the water and whispered my secrets to the moon.
He smiled knowingly as he listened carefully to my confessions and to my hearts deepest desires… recording each word to play back to me on another night.

I stepped out the lake and began combing my hair when I noticed the reflection.
At first I thought the moon was merely dancing upon the water,
Enchanted, I was drawn by the magical reflections until I realized that I was staring at a face that wasn't my own.
When I asked the moon why this was so, he answered:
“Only those that do not love see their own reflection”

A woman's heart is as wide and as deep as the ocean…
A lifetime isn't enough to discover all its secrets.
The moon knows… but the moon will never tell.

I left a kiss on the pale face of the full moon and bid him sweet dreams.
He enveloped me in pale light where I slept until the morning.
Morning awaits me as so does the alchemist to take me back to my bed where my body awaits to be stretched.
As my eyes flutter open, they're accompanied by a smile from an evening well spent.

If Sunshine had it her way, every night would be a full moon.


Anonymous said...

Sob o sol da tarde quente e azulada, com pinceladas sombrias, eu vejo o teu vulto a perder-se na distância e eu vou caminhando por entre as pedras procurando um caminho, onde possa caminhar sem me magoar, querendo ver o brilho do sol, o esplendor das estrelas e a beleza do luar. Quero encontrar a paz para o meu coração tão aflito e tão vazio. Quero encontrar a minha verdadeira identidade, não aquela ditada pela sociedade, mas aquela que eu possa dizer “SOU EU MESMO” e sem máscara.

Mas hoje neste mar, o mesmo mar que tu vês, vou pedir-lhe para quando fores ao encontro dele, ele possa dizer-te que mesmo com esta distância que existe entre nós, eu sei que tu estás ai e a cada onda que te toque ao de leve nos pés, sou eu mesmo que te digo que ainda gosto muito de ti...

Storm said...

You continue to be a romantic shmuck!

Any man would be proud to dream along with you ;-)

Luis said...

Sim senhora, gostei da foto ...

Sunshine said...

Marco Mota: Wow, where did that come from?

Storm: Sue me! :P

Luis: Apenas a foto?

Klatuu o embuçado said...

This one is really beautiful!

Sunshine said...

Thanks Honey ;)

Klatuu o embuçado said...

Xuaaakkkkk!!!!!! - desvia-te! - :)=

Sunshine said...

Mwah!!! Right back at ya!

Klatuu o embuçado said...