Friday, February 16, 2007

The Singles

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For those of you who have never played the computer game “Singles” I recommend it! It's a game that helps you realize that it's a lot easier to get laid than to build a strong relationship.

But the game isn't what inspired this post. Correction… My inspiration didn't come from the virtual game but the daily one we all seem to be unconsciously playing.
Shooting Cupid earned me really good feedback and motivated ideas that encouraged the following post: Na pele do Outro

For those of you who can't read Portuguese; the general idea can be summarized into the following:
There are four types of single guys:

The happy bloke: Hasn't had a girlfriend in a long time but isn't particularly bothered by it considering he has a lot of other activities to fill his time with (namely work)

The desperate dude: Women immediately pick up on his desperation and send him packing. The vicious cycle continues until either he falls into another category or falls out the single category (the least frequent of results).

The unresigned: This guy is only sad because he doesn't like to be alone but he makes the effort to go out and meet new people. This guy is more selective in his choice of women.

And lastly:

The seducer: Women respond better to these guys but unfortunately he's not willing to give up his life of freedom.

I don't think I've ever bothered to catalogue the singles nor do I feel the temptation to attempt such an act… the way I see it, most singles are single because they're too busy working out their prerequisites on the partner they want than to actually bother to get to know the people around them.
It's a selfish era… so selfish that people wait want to be fought for but don't fight for that and those they care about.

What’s my excuse?
I'd say if I had to be catalogued I'd fall under the happily unresigned. On most days I'm happy on my own but there are days such as Valentine’s, engagement parties and couple’s outings that made me wish there was someone I was sharing my moments with. As I once said before, I won't settle for just anyone just to be with someone. I'd rather be alone than to be with someone who's just there for convenience’s sake.
Call me demanding, I'm only asking for what I'm able and willing to give in return and if that's asking for a lot then it's because I'm worth a lot.

From single men to single women… are there significant changes?
Instead of cataloguing women, he merely mentioned the bold and ugly. The “ugly” can always do something to their image and self-esteem (Couldn't agree with you more! As I always say; there's no such thing as ugly women… only poor women!).
The bold AKA intelligent and beautiful, have been hit on so much that they've become super selective. The shy guys don't bother to come close and the only one's who get ahead are the seducers.
My opinion to that is that a shy guy intelligent enough to make a move normally doesn't end off single. No woman wants a man that won't put in the effort to be with her; shy guys aren’t truly waiting for the woman to make the move are they?
And as for the seducers… let's just say that most women don't like to be alone, as a friend of mine once said “whilst waiting for the right one, you might as well have fun with all the wrong ones”. You'll notice that the seducer doesn’t get through the door though and that the woman will intelligently reserve that place for someone that's worth it.

It's easy to generalize but the truth is that everyone has their own reasons for being single, it's not a disease you suffer from and rather an intelligent choice for those who don't couple off just for the sake of mating, social stature or singlephobia.

Whatever you status is… make sure you feel comfortable in your own shoes; you never know when that status will change. Allow it to be a choice of fate and not one of resignation.
I'm a hopeless romantic single who's stated her case.


DRC said...

Well, i admit it, i've played the game, and i did choose to get laid than to build a strong relationship. But mostly because i don't stick with a game too much.

As for the real game, i recognize there are the shy ones and those who are not. Others "categories" are names/concepts that the Society "imposes" so that people can say "i'm not like him/her"! Every person has a unique character and that's what help Cupid at his job.

Storm said...

Dont worry Sunshine, girls like you dont stay single.

Merchi said...

Enie, Minie, Miny, Moe. Catch a tiger by the toe ...

Moralles said...

By those labels, i think i could be somewhere between "The happy bloke" and "The Unresigned". I'm definetly not a seducer and hopefuly wont fall to despair. The dificulty, i think, is to be able to stay happy not sharing life with someone i love. Even harder as the unresigned is not to be loved back by the one i "choose".
Well, its life. The time will come, eventually.

Sunshine said...

Storm: Girls like me? LOLOL... Wanna explain?

Merchi: Is that how you do it? Does it work?! If it does, i´m going guy hunting on the beach this summer - toes at my disposal! LOLOL

Moralles: I´d say we´re on the same frequency. I´m generally a happy on my own, being single by choice and not by being condemned to.
Being unresigned comes from Valentines Day, Engagements, Weddings and not being able to substitute the person my heart chose to love... As you said my friend, time does wonders and that´s all the hope I have if I´m ever to leave the single´s club.

Anonymous said...

Não é mau mas quando o joguei vinha do vicio dos sims incluindo o 2 dai não ter muita piada depois de construir o telhado todo e comprar tudo apenas se destaca pois não censura as cenas como no sims é claro que para os sims há o patch para retirar a censura.Embora seja mais complicado de gerir os gostos dos habitantes.Nos sims é mais facil pois jogas com os signos e não falha.
Saiu em má altura pois os sims destornam qualquer candidato.


Sunshine said...

LOL, também preferia os SIMS aos Singles, não havia comparação! Foi o unico jogo que consegui viciar-me!

Klatuu o embuçado said...

Só jogo Blitzkrieg, Panzers, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, Age of Empires e jogos do género... já devo ter passado um ano da minha vida dentro do Never Winter Nights e do Dungeon Siege! :)=

P. S. Odeio esses jogos tipo Sims, tipo telenovela! :)

Klatuu o embuçado said...

P. S. Nós somos a noite e o dia... só podemos mesmo ser amantes de fim-de-semana! JAJAJAJAJA!!!

Sunshine said...

LOL!!!!! E feriados não pode ser?

Klatuu o embuçado said...

JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!! OK, pronto, nos feriados também! :)